Mareli Miniutti’s Husband Michael Miniutti

Michael Miniutti

Michael Miniutti is the husband of actress, Mareli Miniutti –who was until recently in a relationship with celeb lawyer, Michael Avenatti.

Michael’s estranged wife is a gorgeous aspiring actress who is making headlines after accusing alleged boyfriend, Michael Avenatti of domestic abuse.

Mareli stunned earlier this week after she filed a restraining order against Avenatti. As you may have heard, the celebrity lawyer was arrested for domestic violence allegations last week –following a domestic violence report made against him.

Word in the streets, is that, apparently, Avenatti threw her out of their Los Angeles apartment last Tuesday, when the alleged altercation took place. She claims the lawyer pummeled her with pillows and violently dragged her out of bed while yelling, “Do not disrespect me.”

Michael Miniutti

According to a TMZ law enforcement source, Miniutti’s face was “swollen and bruised” from the incident.

The two had been living in an apartment together since at least January. The ex-couple had a previous incident in which Mareli alleges he struck her in the leg with a show during a February this year.

Mareli’s husband, Michael Miniutti came in her defense when reporters asked about the alleged domestic abuse claim, telling reporters ‘No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman. Period.’

When asked if he was still married to Mareli, he said ‘No comment.’

Michael Miniutti is the Programme Director at Mansion House Consulting based in New York City. According to his LinkedIn, he is also an Advisory Board Member at Green Switch Technologies.

Michael Miniutti attended Holy Cross High School. He studied Accounting and Finance at Queens College and also attended ESMT in Berlin.