Reginae Carter Rapper Lil Wayne’s Daughter

Reginae Carter

Reginae Carter is the first born and only daughter of rapper Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. best known as Lil’ Wayne. Her old man has been under scrutiny the past few days after making comments that minimized the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lil Wayne even had to apologize for saying during an interview

“I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me. I’m a young black rich motherf***r. If that don’t let you know that America understand black f***n’ lives matter these days, I don’t know what it is.”

Now, adding fuel to the fire, Reginae has stepped in to defend her 34-year-old dad after being attacked by TI. What does Reginae has to do with all the craziness, apparently everything!

Lil Wayne told TMZ, he didn’t put much thought in his responses once the interviewer asked him about Reginae being labeled a bitch and a hoe.

Despite explaining why he got agitated, rapper TI called him out on Instagram, saying Wayne was “disrespecting himself.”


Reginae quickly proved to be her father’s daughter when it comes to speaking her mind. The bold teen got all ‘I got you back’ daddy and went after TI.

She was spotted in the Instagram comments, writing: “You lost his number?”  “You should’ve copied and pasted this and sent it to him thru via text but you wanna seek for attention.”

She actually has a point. Reginae might be only 17 but she is surely as fierce as her progenitor.


The youngster definitely leads the life of a rapping princess.

Being her father’s daughter has automatically gained her instant spotlight but let’s give her some credit. Her bold social media comments and revealing Instagram snaps have gained her quite the following. Miss carter has 2 million followers on Instagram and another 795K on Twitter.

Reginae Carter was born November 29, 1998 –when Lil Wayne was only 17 and his then high school sweetheart, Antonia Carter was just 16.

Her parents divorced in 2006 after a two year marriage. Reginae Carter has three younger half brothers from her father’s multiple relationships. Her brothers are 8-year-old Dwayne III, 7-year-old Cameron Carter and seven-year-old Neal.

When Reginae Carter was 10-years-old, internet rumors said she had died in a car accident. The rumors were quickly denied by Lil Wayne.

Her interests range from fashion to music. She is signed to her father’s label, Young Money.
You can check her out on Twitter here.