NFL Rex Ryan’s Wife Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan is the wife of Buffalo Bills coach, Rex Ryan. Her hubby is the son of the great Buddy Ryan.

His father, NFL vet Buddy, was the defensive coordinator for the 1985 Bears, widely regarded as one of the top few defenses of all time.

Rex’s twin brother, Rob Ryan is a fellow football coach. The two have an older brother, Jim, is an attorney in the St. Louis area.

Rex was born December 13, 1962. The Oklahoma native played college football as a defensive end for Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

In 2008, as the assistant head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, he helped lead the team to the AFC title game.

Rex coached the New York Jets to two consecutive AFC championship games in 2009 and 2010, but a rough four-year stretch after that, led to his firing after the 2014 season. He was then hired to coach the Buffalo Bills prior to the 2015 season.


Michelle Goeringer became Michelle Ryan in 1987. She and her hubby became the parents of two sons, Seth and Payton Ryan.

Youngest son Seth, was a preferred walk-on at Clemson after playing wide receiver and cornerback for New Jersey state power Summit High School.

Michelle Goeringer graduated from Clinton High School in 1981. She went on to attend Southwestern Oklahoma University in the mid 1980s –where she and Rex met.

Rex popped the question following his graduation. At the time he had accepted a graduate assistant position at Eastern Kentucky.


Michelle and Rex have been together for close to three decades and though it might seem easy, being the wife of an NFL coach, is a bit more complicated. From the long periods of time when her hubby was gone, to the moving all over the country, to raising kids on her own.

Being on top of your game, is literally what Michelle and other coaching wives had had to face. One of the couple’s struggles was her hubby’s weight. At his heaviest, Rex weight closest to 350 pounds.

With her support, Rex opted for Lap-Band Surgery in 2010. By 2012 Ryan had lost 106 pounds.

Though the petit wife and mom of two, has been very cautious about her private life, the couple hasn’t scape controversy.

Also in 2010 a video of a man rubbing and smelling a woman’s feet surfaced. Rex never confirmed if it was him and Michelle in the video.