Param Sharma- Instagram’s Douchebag who Flushes Pellegrino Down the Toilet

Param Sharma Instagram photo

This is probably not the first time you hear about Param Sharma, just a few months ago he was described as the biggest douchebag in the internet, this 17 year-old boy who claimed to wipe his ass with $100’s and a Louis Vuitton enthusiastic,  thinks of people with different net worth as him as peasants, he even called Kim Kardashian a peasant.

Param Sharma Kim Kardashian

Param Sharma is the same guy who drops thousands of dollars at Starbucks, give even more cash giveaways to fans on Facebook and doesn’t give a crap about flushing Pellegrino down the toilet.

Param Sharma Pellegrino sparkling water Param Sharma Pellegrino toilet Param Sharma Pellegrino water

He also likes to show his cars, iPhones, American Express credit cars or simply showing a bag full of cash.

Param Sharma CarsParam Sharma houseParam Sharma Instagram pic
Param Sharma Instagram pictures

The real biography behind Param Sharma continues to be a mystery, who are his parents, is his father a wealthy Axis Bank Executive? Is Param really rich? if yes, then what is Sharma’s net worth? Who is his mother? girlfriend? boyfriend?

Shikha Sharma Parma Sharma motherSanjaya Sharma Parma Sharma father

Some people said Param Sharma’s father is Tata Interactive Systems’ CEO this is false, his mother allegedly is a Shikha Sharma, CEO of Axis Bank in India but that like his father’s info is also not true.

Param Sharma mother Shikha Sharma

He did however said his family is not in the oil business, he wants to go to Princeton and get in technology, be the next Mark Zucherberg and Steve Jobs of his generation.

We might be wrong but he might have a profile on Justin Tv under chumorocks, created in 2008.

I love to study computers and use them. My favorite computers are Macs. I love everything Apple. I look up to Steve Jobs as my roll model. I want to go to college and study at M.I.T. My dream for when I grow up is to work at Apple as a Project Manger in the Mac industrial design group. I love to relax on Fridays and Saturdays but the rest are all about work.

Param Sharma Apple

So Param confirmed he is the 14-year-old boy in the pic, under that same name we found him on Youtube..

It’s me Param and I got bored at 4am in the morning and decided to make a house in google sketch up. About: Hey It’s me Param:), I am currently 14 and I started making Youtube videos with my friends in his house in the 5th grade because, Then my parents got me my own office to make Youtube videos:).I am currently in the 8th grade making Apple videos for fun because I love Apple. I thank my parents for everything they gave me.

I had the very first iPhone when it came out and I loved it! I thank them for buying me every single Apple product I wanted.. I know many children couldn’t get iPhones or MacBooks. I was an exclusive child back i 5th grade. All the adults would be soo jealous of me lol. Some even tried robbing me! I wouldn’t blame them very few people had Mac’s and iPhones back in 2009-2011.

Now I am 14 about to be in High School.My channel is 90% Apple stuff. I do reviews, unboxings, gameplays, demo’s, commercials, tutorials and more. Just hit that yellow button subscribe.

Param’s biography on his website describes him as a

Lavish is a wealthy teenager who lives in San Francisco, CA. It appears Lavish flaunts his wealth because many peasants don’t understand what true luxury is. He blows his money off because he likes to keep economy in flow. Playing Polo and Golf are his favorite past times. Sipping cappuccinos in his multi-million dollar penthouse, he loves taking balling to a whole new level. Your life saving are considered pocket change to him. He really loves Apple, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, True Religion, and Bvlgari Sparkling Water. He loves going to Los Angeles. It is his home away from home.

My life is like Louis Vuitton everyone wants it.

And does Parma Sharma has a girlfriend? Apparently he does, no name thought, check what he said during this interview he gave to Vice..

I have a private Instagram under a different name that’s used to keep up with my friends. That’s my main one. You might notice that there’s nobody in my pictures except me. I don’t want my girlfriend or my friends being subjected to that attention.

Find Param Sharma on Facebook here, Twitter here, Instagram here.