Nicole King Cavallari- Kristin Cavallari’ Father Dennis Cavallari’s Wife

Kristin Cavallari father Dennis Cavallari

This is not the first time I personally hear the name of Tracy Sill, a few years ago she spoke to Star magazine about her alleged affair with Laguna Beach’s star Kristen Cavallari’s father Dennis Cavallari, who is still pretty much married to Kristen’s step- mom Nicole King.

Nicole King Cavallari

Dennis Cavallari and his soon to be ex-wife Nicole King a 42-year-old Yoga teacher with Bikram Yoga Laguna Beach since 2001 got married on October 18, 2003, they separated last June 25 and she filed for divorce on July 3, 2013.

In the divorce docs she asked for dissolution of marriage citing irreconcilable differences, demanding that Dennis should pay her spousal support, and pay for her attorney and forensic attorney fees, which she estimates is about $15.000.

Nicole demands $21.000 in spousal support in order to cover for the $8,000 she needs for rent, $1,062 for healthcare, , $1,050 to eat out, $575 for utilities, gifts and vacations, for her auto expenses she needs $1,369, $250 for her cell phone, $1,172 in credit card bills .$1,500 for clothes, $900 for groceries, and $3,100 for entertainment. However and after docs showed Mr. Cavallari income was $17.000 a month, making it impossible for him to pay $21.000 in spousal support and had some money to support himself, a court ordered that Nicole will get $5,302 a month until she get remarried or until she dies. Nicole King Cavallari attended at St. Louis High School in Ranchi, Jharkhand, she graduated in 1989 from St. Louis Catholic High School in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Nicole later attended at Regis University and studied Spanish and Psychology at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.

In January, 2012  it was revealed that Dennis Cavallari was cheating on his wife with a Orange County woman identified as  Tracy Sill, who said for the past five years she had been having an affair with Cavallari..

“He told me he loved me and even lied about not being married in a desperate attempt to continue our relationship. When Kristin discovers the truth, she will see her father for what he really is: a philandering, sex-crazed cheat.”

“He told me he was addicted to Viagra and marijuana. He talked about us being together, moving to Florida and having a future,

“I’m…a mess, can’t you see that?”  He told her in a text.

He’s extremely manipulative and completely unstable, with zero empathy, I’m not sure if Kristin knows her father is a cheater, but I think she definitely knows the financial trouble he’s in, and I doubt she’s told Jay. He’s in for a surprise when he finds out about the family he’s marrying into. It’s a dysfunctional family full of lies and deceit.”

According to Dennis Cavallari’s  Linkedin profile he graduated with a Bachelor of Science from SUNY Empire State College in 1975,  in 1978 got his Master’s degree from State University of New York.

Dennis Cavallari bio

From Jan. 1992 to March 1996 he was a partner with JPI Family, became senior vice president at Legacy Partners in 1996 and after leaving in 2008 he became the president at his own Cavallari Group.

52-year-old Dennis Cavallari has been married twice, first  to Judith Eifrig, 60, now Judith Spies, Judith and Dennis had two children, Mike, 26,  and Kristin, 27.

Kristin Cavallari mother Judith spiesKristin Cavallari mother Judith

Kristin cavallari brother Mike Cavallari

Mike stayed with him after their divorce, while Judith moved with Kristin to Chicago. It was until Kristin, she once said she didn’t get along with her mom’s new husband and his son.

Dennis Cavallari’s alleged mistress, 53-year-old Tracy Sill, aka Tracy Elizabeth Zona, currently lives in Palm Desert, her previous addresses were in Laguna Beach, Corona Del Mar and Pal Springs.