Nicole Easton- Arizona Girl who Missed Pool and landed in Concrete Breaking both feet


Nicole Easton


Nicole “Nicky” Easton was having fun with her boyfriend and a friend when they decided to leap from the roof of their house into the backyard pool. This stunt turned out wrong and she ended up landing in the concrete floor beside the pool and breaking her feet.

“I’m surprised that Nicole would even try something like that. She’s not the very daring type,” Nicole’s mother, Carrie Yunker, said.

Nicole Easton, from Peoria, Arizona, had just graduated from high school, had a good job and had recently moved into her first home ‘as an adult’ at the time of the incident, according to her mother Carrie Yunker.

Yunker posted the video online in an attempt to raise money for her daughter. She was specifically asking for a total of $4,200 to cover her daughter Nicole Easton’s everyday expenses for the next several of months while she recovers from her injuries, because she doesn’t have health insurance. She received negative comments from people who expressed they should not be paying for Nicole’s ill-advised stunt.

In the video, Nicole can be seen wearing a pink bikini standing on the roof with another girl. She laughs nervously and is being incited to jump by her boyfriend, who had already taken a leap into the pool. At the last moment, Nicole hesitated and missed the pool landing on the concrete deck and breaking both her feet. She will be in a wheelchair and disabled for six weeks.

Nicole Easton stunt

Nicole Easton jumpNicole Easton jumpsNicole Easton breaks feet

Nicole’s mother explained that she will not be able to work for a while so she would not be able to pay the rent and bills, which could result in her losing her home. The mother gave a breakdown of her daughter’s expenses, writing that she will need $1,800 for rent for half a year and $2,400 for expenses like food, toiletries, phone and utilities.

“So we’re supposed to feel sorry for your daughter doing something stupid?” Cory Noll wrote in the comments section of the crowd funding account. “I’m only 27 and when I was young and did something stupid on my own, I had to pay for the consequences, not anyone else.”

Nicole Easton is originally from Prescott Valley, Arizona. She graduated from Peoria High School. Nicole is dating Jeremy Cody Hunt, from Phoenix, since January 2013.

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