Moon Jae-in’s Wife Kim Jung-sook

Kim Jung-sook

Kim Jung-sook is the beautiful first lady of South Korea, married obviously to South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in, currently the 19th president of the country.

Kim Jung-sook became South Korea’s first lady in May of 2017; since then she’s been dubbed the ‘jolly lady’ given her cheerful personality.

While her husband of 37-years rules the Republic of South Korea, lovely Kim Jung-sook also holds a few personal achievements. She was born November 15, 1955 in Seoul and went onto attend Kyunghee University –where she obtained a BA in vocal music and perhaps most importantly where she met her future husband who was a law student at the time.

Kim Jung-sook

According to an article on straitstimes, Kim Jung-sook took care of him after he was left unconscious by a police tear gas canister fired during a campus pro-democracy rally. She supported her activism from the start after she stuck by his side while he served time in jail. Their love story has been widely discussed and documented in South Korea.

Kim Jung-sook is a professionally trained vocalist and is widely regarded as a classical singer. Prior to her marriage she was member of the Seoul city choir.

Following her 1981 marriage to Moon Jae-in she became the mother to the couple’s two children a son, Moon Jun-yong; and a daughter, Da-Hye.

Being a political spouse has come easy to the mother of two. She’s often seen accompanying her husband on official duties and she’s always wearing her best asset, her smile. The 63-year-old has also showed off her singing skills at public events. Kim Jung-sook is also well known following her performance of Psy’s horse-riding Gangnam Style dance on a visit to the Philippines in 2017.

She has certainly set herself apart from previous first ladies who usually remain quiet next to their husbands.