Mark Gallagher Trump Supporter Suing NBC

Mark Gallagher

Mark Gallagher is a Trump supporter who got in trouble last month after he appeared on TV wearing a “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” shirt.

In new reports, the young man is said to have lawyered up and is suing NBC’s Today. Mark alleges he was physically injured when security staff tossed him, denying him access to NBC’s outdoor holding pen for audience members at Rockefeller Center.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, he says he was targeted because of a “conspiracy” to prevent him from showing the t-shirt. He wants $53 million.

According to his lawyer, the NBC guards acted like thugs because security cameras recognized his client from the day before, when Gallagher successfully displayed the T-shirt on ABC’s “Good Morning America” for several seconds.

In return, Gallagher was arrested by cops and was charged with criminal trespass.

A Manhattan judge subsequently agreed to dismiss the case.

Mark decided to pull the stunt after he heard another Trump supporter, Alex Jones, promising a $1,000 to anyone who could be seen in the shirt on national television for at least five seconds.



In other happy news, his lawyer said Gallagher still hasn’t been paid by Jones for his ABC appearance, but he has been told the payment is “being processed.”

Gallagher is a resident of Oak Ridge, N.J., He is employed as a social worker.

Accoridng to his Facebook profile, Mark Gallagher studied criminal law at Harvard University. A link about the ‘Good Morning America” incident shared to his wall, shows the 23-year-old being praised by many of his peers.

Mike Sandman wrote: “Lmfao dude you are a (expletive) legend for this !


When another user, Joe Esposito comments telling Mark “nothing in life is free” Gallagher replies back with a picture of a check for a thousand dollars to his name, saying: “this check was free.”

Mark is in a relationship with a chick named, Amber Tariq.