Fran D’Agati Dunn: Mystery woman in Trump’s photo!

Fran D’Agati Dunn

Fran D’Agati Dunn has been revealed, as the woman in the famous military academy photo next to Donald Trump.

Following an extensive search effort by the NY Daily News, the woman in the picture below finally has a name.

The snap has been circulating for years, at different stages in the life of the current presidential nominee, including when he was divorcing ex-wife Ivana Trump.

Never imagining one day she would be tracked down without even knowing it, Fran Dunn welcomed the reporter saying: “So how did you found me?”

Long story short, Fran D’Agati Dunn worked as a secretary employed by the academy. It turns out when the place and time needed it, a number of academy staff posed for the camera. The picture with Trump and Fran happened to be her moment, that’s all.

The private lady said during her interview she was totally fine with being a mystery all these years. She said no one had ever come looking…until now.

Although she refuse to talk about politics, she did revealed the photo has been the subject of many fond memories, including when Donald himself autographed a copy of the photo for her.


Mrs. Dunn grew up in the Hudson River Valley. She began working at the military academy in 1963, after graduating from Spencerian Business College.

Fran D’Agati Dunn worked for the admissions director. One of her duties included: “typing letters home to their parents,” Mrs. Dunn recalled.

Her father, Vincent Salvatore D’Agati, ran a company that made women’s raincoats.


Believe it or not, the 71-year-old is on Facebook. According to her social media info, she went to Newburgh Free Academy and is a resident New Windsor, New York.

She is currently and happily married to her hubby, Mike Dunn –a former teacher. They have been married since 1965 and raised three sons and a daughter.

Mystery Solved!