Marc Sueselbeck: Filipina Transgender Jennifer Laude’s Fiancee

Marc Sueselbeck

Meet German born Marc Sueselbeck, he is the fiancée of of slain Filipina transgender woman Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude who was drowned in a toilet by Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton after he found out a man not a woman was giving him oral sex. He was sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Marc’ Sueselbeck’s 26-year-old girlfriend was killed at a lodge in Olongapo City last Saturday, October 11. Her body was found less than an hour after she checked into a room with a male foreigner.

After hearing about Laude’s fatal faith, Mr. Sueselbeck was allow to take a leave from work to be with Laude’s family. According to reports, he arrived in the country on Sunday noon to pay his last respects to his girlfriend of two years and whom he had met online.

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Sueselbeck who planned to marry Laude next year, earlier said he had long been planning to take Laude with him to Germany. He said he had no problems with Laude being a transgender woman.

Jennifer’s Facebook about section, reads

i am very shy girl but i am sweet and kind person sexy woman but always silent all the time i loved singing and watching movie and most of all work out

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Based on the initial investigation of the Olongapo police, Laude’s neck was pressed down on the toilet seat, while her head was being shoved into the toilet bowl.

Two used condoms were also found in the garbage can inside the hotel room. A suspect, identified as Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton, is currently being investigated for the killing. He was caught on CCTV to have checked into the motel room with Jennifer that night.

Joseph Scott Pemberton

In a live interview on State of the Nation with Jessica Soho, Marc Sueselbeck, condemned the murder as an act of brutality. Sueselbeck wondered aloud if God will ever forgive the suspect. Today he said

“How can I forgive him? I’m not in the position to forgive him…I have more anger in my heart than probably most of the people here,”

“The only person who is in that position is God and Jennifer. And forgiving means understanding, and I doubt that I would ever understand what he did.”

The death of Marc’s girlfriend has caused quite the outrage among the transgender community. Many, including her family are asking for justice to be delivered and FB pages with the same cause have been created.

Most recent reports say Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude, will be cremated on Friday on Marc’s request, so he can have more time to grieve at her wake in Olongapo City.

Jennifer Laude boyfriend Marc Sueselbeck Jennifer Laude boyfriend Marc Sueselbeck

Sueselbeck would fly back to Germany on Saturday after the funeral rites. He said he will discuss with the family their next steps in finding justice for Jennifer.