Lauren Yardley: British Woman Whose Breast Implant fell out (PHOTOS)

Lauren Yardley pictures

Lauren Yardley didn’t imagine the awful side effect she would have to experience after getting her £4,000 boob job. Yesterday, she warned other women of the potential dangers of having implants.

Two months after Lauren got her implants, where she went from an A cup to a DD, the 25-year-old noticed her right breast was bigger than her left and felt hard and uncomfortable. Doctors diagnosed her with Capsular Contracture, where the body rejects the implant, and agreed to redo the surgery.

Two months later, the replacement implant fell completely out of her chest through the stitches. This time, the doctors at the Tonic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, in Nottingham, said they were unable to reinsert the implant because her body needed time to heal, leaving her with one small and one big breast for seven months. Lauren said:

“I was always flat chested, I looked like a boy. I wanted to look more like a girl. I just wanted a more curvy figure. When I booked the operation they told me it was common for the body to reject implants, but I had no idea this could happen.”

Embarrassed Lauren had to use chicken fillets (silicon bra-inserts) to even out the size of her chest until surgeons reinserted the implant. But during a holiday to Tenerife with pals she had no option but to wear her bikini with just one boob.

“The doctors at the hospital said they had never seen anything like it, they couldn’t believe I was not in septic shock. I feel very lucky- it could have been a lot worse. The most horrific thing was having only one breast for seven months. It was horrible. I felt really confident after having my implants, but I lost it all again when I was left with an uneven chest.”

Lauren saved up to pay £3,750 for her breast implants in September 2009 then paid £850 for the correction operation. She spent seven months with just one breast before surgeons eventually replaced Lauren’s missing implant at an additional cost of £1,000. She said she had no regrets over her implants.

“People always ask me if I would have implant again after all I have been through but I always say yes. I don’t regret it at all.” She added: “It has cost me a fortune to have all the follow up operations. Capsular Contracture can happen and it is not the doctor’s fault, but I do feel that they should have noticed it was popping out sooner.”

Lauren Yardley is a nursery worker. She lives with her mechanic boyfriend George Harwood, 26, in Coventry, West Mids. Lauren has now had the implant put back in her chest and her body has accepted the surgery.