Who is Lauren Sivan’s Husband/ Boyfriend?

Lauren Sivan

Lauren Sivan is a gorgeous TV reporter who was sexually harassed at the hands of Studio mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

Last week a piece by the NY Times uncovered the horrible truth of the Hollywood producer behind some of the most popular films. For the past 30-years of his career, Weinstein has allegedly harassed a long list of women that includes actresses and former Weinstein Company employees. One of them being, Miss Sivan.

The gorgeous blonde went public with her story on NBC’s Megyn Kelly TODAY and talked about the first time she met Weinstein, over a decade ago.

Sivan told she and Harvey met at a restaurant where he pulled up a chair and sat down next to her with the opening line being “I think you’re in my chair.” The two then proceeded to have a conversation about news and politics and Lauren went onto describe him as “very polite” and “warm.”

Her initial thoughts of Weinstein were soon erased after minutes later he asked her to join him on a tour of his restaurant. Lauren agreed to go downstairs with him, thinking that they would encounter a large group of people but that was not the case. When Harvey dismissed the only two people they encounter downstairs (sweeping) she thought ‘this is not good.”

Lauren Sivan

She described the next scene saying Harvey tried to kiss her but she told him she was not interested. Harvey then blocked the entrance, cornered her and said ‘Well then, just stand there and be quite.'” That’s when he ‘exposed himself and began pleasuring himself’ right in front of her eyes. Sivan then added she just stood there “dumbfounded.” At the time of the incident, she worked as a local news reporter in Long Island.

Lauren Sivan

Lauren Sivan is an anchor and reporter at Fox11 News Los Angeles. She previously worked for Fox News Channel as a breaking news anchor from 2008 until 2010. She then moved on to News12 Networks for about a year.

According to her LinkedIn, Sivan has also been a contributor for “Red Eye” on the Fox News channel. She joined KTTV Fox11 in 2011. The stunning blonde holds a B.A.; Journalism, Political Science from The George Washington University which she obtained in 2000.

She also attended Long Island University from 2010 until 2011 and from where she obtained a Master’s degree, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Related Protective Services.

Born Lauren Paige Sivan, the blonde used to be engaged to Rick Leventhal. She is apparently in a relationship with a guy named, Matt Nicholson. The talented blonde is quite popular on social media.

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