Korie Howard Robertson- Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson’s Wife

Korie Howard Robertson

Korie Howard Robertson met her future husband Willie Robertson, when she was in the third grade and he was in fourth. They married after high school on January 11, 1992. Both of them graduated college. .

Though not originally from a hunting family Korie has managed to fit right in with her husband’s family. As wife and business partner she has helped Willie expand Duck Commander Co. She is the office manager.

She and Willie have five children: Sadie, then adopted son Lil’ Wil, John Luke and Bella. Rebecca is their foster daughter from Taiwan.

She’s really pretty smart, and knows how to handle her man: “There’s only one way to convince a Robertson man to do anything….make him think it’s his idea.”

In the middle of all the recent Duck Dynasty scandal, naked photos of Korie have appeared all over the internet. But, according to TMZ, the pictures are fake. TMZ analyzed the pics and have found the original picture which is of another woman. It was photoshopped and the face of the original has been replaced with Korie’s. The original face was blurred out to protect the woman’s privacy.

There is speculation that this was done in retaliation for the comments of papa Phil on gay men. A&E have suspended Phil from the show, but the family has announced that they couldn’t think of doing Duck Dynasty without him.

Is it fair to attack one family member for what another has said? Give us your thoughts.