Marlon Yates Jr. – Shaunie O’Neal’s Boyfriend

shaunie-oneal-and-marlon-yates pic

You’ve probably seen a lot of pictures of Marlon Yates with his cougar girlfriend Shaunie O’Neal, creator of the VH1 tv show Basket Ball Wives.

Marlon was born in Los Angeles. He grew up there and aspired to be in the NFL. He had played football all his life until his second year of college. After committing to a few colleges, it was academics that set him back. Hmmm, wonder what that means…

Well, anyway, he soon turned his attention to the Hollywood life, and signed up with L. A. Modeling. Then he went to New York City, and signed with Fusion Models, where he worked for about a year. Now, he has become interested in acting.

He and Shaunie have been dating since 2010. Shaunie, who is fifteen years older than her cougar cub, has five children with her ex husband Shaquille O’Neal. Despite rumors of break ups and even of Marlon being gay, they are still going strong. In fact, Shaunie included him on her reality show BBW in season 5 which started to air last August.

The show’s not doing too well, and Shaunie is trying to do a new reality show about her family, but Shaq has said no way he’ll let his kids do it. It appears that in court Shaq is winning.

Maybe Shaunie should think about doing a show on how to be a successful cougar.

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