Jordan Lane Price- Macaulay Culkin’s New Girlfriend a Mila Kunis Lookalike?

jordan lane price and mccauley 3 pic

Mcaulay Culkin, the former child star, has skipped the traditional Thanksgiving family dinner to spend the day in Paris, with his new love, Mila Kunis lookalike Jordan Lane Price As they dined al fresco on the terrace of the popular Cafe de Flore restaurant, Macaulay stared into Jordan’s eyes and clasped her hand beneath the table.last Tuesday.

It seems that his new love has brought out the romantic in Macaulay who was seen giving his girlfriend a rose as they landed at Charles de Gaulle airport on Monday. And on Tuesday night his lady love was the recipient of a white rose which she clutched in one hand as she animatedly regaled her famous boyfriend with a tale as the duo shared a cigarette on a Parisian street.

Now, who exactly is Jordan Lane Price? She’s an actress and singer who lives in New York City. She appears on All My Children for the OnLine Network as newcomer Celia Fitzgerald. Jordan was born and raised  in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. After college she began acting.

In September she was on the X Factor with her group Drama Drama, but unfortunately they did not impress any of the judges.

What do you think? Is Jordan Mila’s long lost twin? Looking at the pictures below, we think it’s a possibility!