Who is John Mahoney’s Wife/Girlfriend?

John Mahoney

John Mahoney, the English born actor well known for his role on the TV series, Frasier –has died at age 77, reports say.

Born in Blackpool, on June 20, 1940; he immigrated to the US in his late teens, determined to leave the ‘gray and foggy postwar years’ as he stated during an interview. He attended St. Joseph’s College in Blackpool.

Once in America, he arrived to Illinois where his older sister lived. He then began studying at Quincy University in Illinois. Shortly after, he spent three years in the United States Army and received his citizenship in 1959. Prior to his career in entertainment which only began in his late 30’s, he taught English at Western Illinois University.

John Mahoney

Feeling like something was missing, he became involved with the Chicago theatre scene. He later made the transition to film and TV. Mahoney enjoyed of a long career in showbiz, he was a recipient of numerous awards –including a Tony and SAG award.

During his decade-long career he appeared in classics like “The American President,” “Moonstruck,” “In the Line of Fire,” and “Say Anything,” along with voicing animated characters in the “Antz” and “Atlantis” films. In the early 90’s he landed the role of Martin Crane –the blunt father of Frasier and Niles Crane in the hit sitcom Frasier. The role added to his already distinguished theater career. Frasier ran for 11 seasons from 1993 -2004.

As it is accustomed, we like telling you about the rich and famous significant others. When it comes to John Mahoney however, thing get let’s say confusing.

You see, we have split opinions when it comes to his sexuality. Some say Mahoney was actually a closeted gay; and well prove of that could be the fact that he never was married nor did he fathered any children. Though he revealed in an article he had numerous relationships, what he was really passionate about was his theater work, saying “The theater is my brothers, my sisters, my father, my mother, my wife,” “It is everything to me.”

We send our condolences.