Richard Dreyfuss Wives & Children

Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss is a well-known Hollywood actor due to his decade-long career in film, television and stage. The Jaws and Mr. Holland’s Opus star, has also been known for his cocaine addiction and a bipolar disorder.

In his lifetime, the Oscar winner has been married three times. Check out below a closer look at his past and current romantic partners.

#1 Jeramie Rain

Jeramie Rain

Jeramie Rain is a former actress and producer who met Dreyfuss thought their link in showbiz. The two became husband and wife in the early 1983. Together they welcomed three children before separating in 1995.

Rain was born August 23, 1948; the Charleston, West Virginia native appeared in Wes Craven’s horror film The Last House on the Left –where she played Sadie. She also played Nurse Samantha Tolliver in the soap opera The Doctors. In addition to her film and TV work, Rain also served as a writer and producer for NBC and CBS.

After becoming a mom, she became involved with charity work and founded “Mother’s Touch” in order to help children diagnosed with eye-related illnesses.

#2 Janelle Lacey

Janelle Lacey

Janelle Lacey became his second wife in 1999, however the couple struggled to make things work and also ended in divorce in 2005. They didn’t produced any children.

#3 Svetlana Erokhin

Svetlana Erokhin

Erokhin hails from Russian ON May 10, 1960 –she became his third wife in 2006 –when she was 46-years-old. The two tied the knot in Harrisonburg, Va. At the time, they appeared unannounced at the Rockingham County Courthouse, took out a marriage license and were then wed in the magistrate’s office. They have remained together since.

Erokhin is also the mother of one child, Kasey S. Erokhin –born from a previous marriage.


Svetlana made headlines back in 2014, when TMZ reported she had been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and a hit and run. At the time she said she had only drank a glass of wine, however, she managed to crash her car into a wooden fence and severing a high pressure water line before driving off.


Dreyfuss is the proud father of three adult children, one daughter and two sons –all born from his first marriage to Jeramie Rain.

Emily Dreyfuss

Daughter Emily was born in 1983 followed by siblings, Benjamin (1986) and Harry (1990). His oldest son, Benjamin, went blind in his left eye.

In 2014, Emily Dreyfuss was married to Seth Lawler Shipman at the Galena Lodge in Sun Valley, Idaho. The two met a decade earlier while at Wesleyan University. Emily works as an editor at Wired Magazine.

Harry Dreyfuss, made headlines last November when he opened up about being groped by actor Kevin Spacey when he was 18.