Jennifer Worland Ron Lester’s Girlfriend

Jennifer Worland

Jennifer Worland is the girlfriend and who would have been the wife of actor Ron Lester who passed away at the age of 45 on June 17, 2016. Ron became known for his role as Billy Bob in the 1999 film Varsity Blues.

Jennifer Worland’s boyfriend battle with obesity since childhood, the gastric bypass surgery he underwent in 2011, saved his life and helped his shed 348 pounds, his battle didn’t stop there 18 plastic surgeries to remove excess skin followed, but sadly his health was again threatened in November, 2015 when he was hospitalized to treat problems with his kidneys and liver that ultimately claimed his life on June 17 after four months in hospice care and taken off life support.

There have been several females figures that played an important role on his life, his mother Mary Ellen who passed away in 2009 from ovarian cancer, his sister Linda who was 35 when she died in 1990 and then is his beloved girlfriend Jennifer Worland his fiancee was credited with saving his life, and rescued him from the loneliness he used to feel.

Jennifer Worland

Californian beauty Jennifer Lynn Worland, 39, is a certified surgical technologist, she graduated from Hamilton Heights high School in 995 and received her Certificate of Completion, Surgical Technology/Technologist, A from the Career Networks Institute in 2008.

Ms. Worland became an administrative assistant at Indiana University Department of Urology in 2000, after that she was a surgical technologist at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in Laguna Hills in 2008, after leaving that job in 2015 she got another job with the American Traveler Staffing Professionals and Certified Surgical Technologist – Kaiser Permanente with Advance Surgical in Downey, California.

Jennifer Worland and Ron became engaged on October 18, 2015.

Ron Lester’s dad  died in 1993 from a heart attack, he has two more sisters, so far we heard of one, Patricia Lester, Ron said they are full of hate and he never let them near the people he care about.

I don’t know why but tonight family was brought up! My loving sister Linda died in 90, my Dad died in 93 and my Mom died in 07!

I have No family!

There are two siblings left, but I’ll never let them near anyone I care about!!!!! They are the worse women and full of hate!

I have one uncle left, and wouldn’t even know how to reach him!

There….now you know!

Moving on!!!!!!

I am really starting to think it’s better to just be alone! No one can hurt you or leave you!