Ethan Hawke’s Wife Ryan Hawke

Ryan Hawke

Ryan Hawke is the proud wife of Hollywood star, Ethan Hawke; together for over a decade the couple shares two children.

Ryan’s hubby is one of the industries’ most beloved actors. Hawke has been around since the 80’s appearing in roles like the 1985 film Explorers and the 1989 film Dead Poets Society –which first gained him acclaim.

In his teens, he aspired to become a writer but developed a love for acting after starring in a school production of Saint Joan. Since then, in addition to his acting, Hawke has also directed films and has written at least three novels.

In 2001, Hawke received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for his portrayal of Jake Hoyt in Training Day and his role in the 2014 film Boyhood earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

He was famously married to fellow actor, Uma Thurman from 1998 until 2003. The former couple had met in 1996 after working together on the film, Gattaca. They welcomed two children during their marriage, daughter Maya; and son, Levon.

Ryan Hawke

He married second wife, Ryan in 2008. The two first met after she was hired as a nanny for his two kids while he was still married to Uma Thurman. Though there was some speculation that Ryan had something to do with their separation, Hawke denied it.

Ryan Shawhughes graduated from Columbia University and after she became the new Mrs. Hawke she became interested in acting. According to IMDb, she made a cameo in one of Ethan’s movies, “The Hottest State.” In the movie, released back in 2006, it looks like Ryan made a cameo as a “Williamsburg Hip Girl.”

Since their nuptials in 2008, the couple has welcomed two daughters. Ryan Hawke first gave birth to Clementine Jane in 2008; daughter Indiana was born in 2011. Thought Ryan has kept relatively a low profile, she does have a history of being with her man side by side for important events.