E! Wags Atlanta Cast Bios

Wags Atlanta

Wags Atlanta is nearly upon us and is just right we get to know some interesting facts about the women about to grace our screens.

The Wives And Girlfriends of Atlanta, a.k.a. WAGS Atlanta will feature private details of the roller-coaster and luxurious lifestyle of nine women. If you are fan, you’ve already know how it goes, lots of drama paired up with beautiful women and their famous love interests.

If you enjoyed Wags Miami and Wags LA, Wags Atlanta most definitely will not disappoint. Meet the women below and let us know who your favorite is.

#1 Hope Wiseman


Though she’s currently single, she dated an NFL star in the past. Wiseman’s links to the NFL also go way back to her days as a cheerleader. The power woman owns a medical marijuana dispensary.

#2 Brandi Rhodes


Brandi is the proud wife of wrestling star and actor Cody Rhodes and if that is not enough for you, she is a pro wrestler herself.

#3 Kierra Douglas

Kierra Douglas

Kierra Douglas is a former dancer turned Wag after her marriage to Wide Receiver Harry Douglas.

#4 Kaylin Jurrjens

Kaylin Jurrjens

Kaylin has been married to pitcher JJ Jurrjens since 2014.

#5 Kesha Norman


Norman is a businesswoman and the baby mama to veteran C. J. Mosley’s two-year-old daughter.

#6 Ariel Anderson

Ariel Anderson

Ariel Anderson is also a former NFL dancer and the younger sister of co-star, Kierra Douglas.

#7 Niche Caldwell

Niche Caldwell

Model and interior designer, Niche is also the mom to wide receiver Andre Caldwell’s two children.

#8 Telli Swift

Telli Swift

Shuntel Swift who goes by ‘Telli” is the girlfriend of heavyweight champion, boxer Deontay Wilder.

#9 Sincerely Ward

Sincerely Ward

Ward’s connection to the world of professional athletes is being the cousin of retired football player Derrick Ward. She is currently single.