David Katz’s Mother Elizabeth Katz

Elizabeth Katz

Elizabeth Katz is the mother of Florida video games shooter, David Katz, who has revealed her son had a history of mental illness.

Elizabeth Katz’s son made his way into at a video game convention on Sunday in Florida –killing three people, including himself, at the Madden NFL 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida.

According to authorities, David shot a total of 12 people, two of them fatally. As his history unfolds, we’ve learned that David a 24-year-old Baltimore resident who won the Madden tournament last year, is the son of Elizabeth Katz and her ex-husband, Richard Katz.

According to updates, David had a history of mental illness and didn’t have a very good relationship with his mother. The Baltimore Sun reports that before his parents divorced he was hospitalized at Sheppard Pratt –which specializes in mental health treatment.

He also spent more than 90 days in a wilderness program for troubled teens and had stays in other treatment centers for mental health issues that ranged from dysthymia to schizophrenia. At one point, he reportedly experienced a schizophrenic break. At other times, he was violent with his mother.


Elizabeth Katz, has a PhD. in toxicology and works for the Food and Drug Administration. Her ex-husband Richard with whom she had two sons, also works for the Federal Government. Richard has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and works at NASA.

The former couple went their separate ways in 2007 court records from their divorce show. Together they are also the parents to David’s older brother, Brandon Katz, 28. Court documents also revealed not only David but both of their children, ‘had significant healthcare needs.’

Elizabeth was awarded custody of the boys but she had trouble managing David who would cry, curl up and refused to go to school. The mom of two also called police several times sayins she was being abused and assaulted by her son. David told police his mother was pretty crazy and that he wanted to live with his father. Richard Katz said that his wife was ‘exaggerating.’

According to FDAZilla, Elizabeth Katz is a native of Silver Spring, Maryland. Since the shooting both parents have been cooperative with police.