Taylor Robertson & Eli Clayton Madden Tournament Victims

Taylor Robertson & Eli Clayton

Taylor Robertson & Eli Clayton have been named as the fatal victims of a young man who opened fire at a video game tournament in Jacksonville over the weekend.

Reports say David Katz turned the gun on himself after killing two people and wounding several others. The 24-year-old shooter attended the tournament in Jacksonville on Sunday for competitive players of Madden.

The two fatal victims, Taylor Robertson & Eli Clayton were both Madden gamers and one of them was described as one of the best players.

Taylor Robertson

27-year-old Taylor Robertson was a Ballard, West Virginia resident. He used the username, SplotMePlzzz. On a profile for EA Sports, he described himself as “really easy to get along with.” Robertson was born November 11, 1990.

During the course of his gaming career he made $80,500. Taylor Robertson is survived by his wife and a young son.

Robertson was a professional sports team Dot City Gaming member. He had previously won last season’s Madden Classic.

Eli Clayton

22-year-old Eli Clayton, full name Elijah –was known in the Madden world as True or Trueboy and had been described as one of the best players and a potential winner of the whole tournament. Clayton had reportedly won more than $50,000 in prize money, the Mirror reports.

Clayton was shot dead as he played against Wesley “Joe Rice” Gittens, who survived the incident. Clayton was from Woodland Hills, California and was a former Calabasas High School Football player.

The shooter is believed to have injured 11 others along with the two fatalities before shooting himself. All of the surviving victims were described as in stable condition according to authorities.