Dana Adiva- Mtv’s True Life Actress

Dana Adiva

Dana Adiva was born in Los Angeles but lives in Chicago, IL. She is your blond Cali girl wrestler, model and most recently turned “real life” actress! Dana made her debut in Wrestling last year for IWF Pro wrestling Chicago where she won her first match! Her ring name is “Miss Adiva” Her incredible fit body and good looks have gained her some recognition, including Sunburst USA Runner up, Sunburst USA Prettiest eyes, Sunburst USA Top Model Face, 2011- best tattoo, 2011- Miss Galaxy 4th runner up and 2011- miss petite north America.

But according to her new acting gig on MTV’s True Life series the young girl who is also a mom is “too beautiful” which is something that makes her life a little too complicated! She says:

“I literally get treated like a princess and I don’t really have to be that smart, I guess, because I am my looks. It’s true. But at the same time, it sucks being pretty because it’d be nice if people took me seriously once in awhile.”


Have you heard “it sucks being pretty” all in the same line?? Well, she can actually be onto something! Research shows that beautiful women can be harmfully objectified and thus seen as less competent; although with her new overnight success I don’t think she’ll be complaining anymore!  Dana started off as a model in 1992 and was on 3 magazine covers for “one step ahead”. Then in 2011, She was in Maximum Threshold Magazine and two more magazines. She is also on billboards in the Chicago and Indiana areas. She recently started modeling for a website that sells motorcycles.

Her involvement in wrestling began when in 2010 she was asked to be a ring girl for MMA and Has been doing it ever since. In September 2011 She was approached By Owner of POWW entertainment to Become there Ring Girl and fell in love with it and Shortly after started Training to become a wrestler.

This single mom, always dreamt of being on T.V and her dream came true when she started filming for the MTV show last year and aired in the summer of 2013. Did you tuned in?? Do you think she is in fact too beautiful? Would she intimidate you??