Cody Ko’s Girlfriend Kelsey Kreppel

Kelsey Kreppel

Meet Kelsey Kreppel; this stunning lady is the longtime girlfriend of Canadian YouTube star, Cody Ko.

Her beau needs little intro as he is one of the Internet’s ‘original stars’ and has even been described as the ‘most interesting YouTuber in the world.’

The Canadian Youtuber holds more than 2.4 YouTube subscribers. Firstly, Cody gained popularity on Vine, subsequently, switched to YouTube and well the rest pretty much you already know it.

But what about Cody Ko’s girlfriend Kelsey Kreppel? Here, we’ll tell you all about the couple and their journey together.

Cody Ko

Before we get to Cody Ko girlfriend, Kelsey Kreppel; first a little history on Cody.

Unlike many recent social media star that drop out of high school to follow their YouTube dreams and have millions and millions of followers, Cody actually is a university graduated, had a real job and even founded a startup.
Even more standing, he has managed to find success in different platforms. In his case, from Vine to YouTube to a scripted drama to music and podcasting.

He posted his first video to Vine on April 3, 2013. He auditioned as Mary Poppins in what would be the first #6secondauditions video ever.

He created the viral hashtag #6secondauditions and went on to became extremely popular on YouTube. He accumulated more than 2 million followers on Vine before it was shutdown.

Kelsey Kreppel,Cody Ko Girlfriend,Cody Ko

He’s revealed in the past that his unconventional lifestyle was inspired by hi unconventional parents

“Both my parents are crazy. My Mom sold a software business when she was young. My Dad also sold a software business. So, they were both very entrepreneurial. And then they both started running marathons. Now they run ultramarathons, which are 100 miles. They’re insane. So, I was inspired my whole life. It led me to want to do different things and master different things.”

A strong swimmer since his teens, he joined the swim team at Duke University and worked on a computer science degree. After college he took a job as a computer engineer at a startup in Silicon Valley.
After working for a couple years, he was bored with his job so he decided to quit and backpack around Southeast Asia with his friend. They also started a business, a greeting card app. This allowed them to keep writing code and make some money during their travels.

Cody then took another job until it made financial sense for him to quit. He’s revealed that he was never worried about what people thought of him online because he was just doing it for fun saying

‘I’m an engineer and I’m just going to do this because I’m good at it.’

In a few words, Cody Ko is a man of many talents. He is a computer engineer, a comedian, a podcast host, a successful YouTuber, an entrepreneur and a hip hop producer; because yes, music is another passion of his.

Cody Ko Net Worth

According to online sources, Cody has an estimated net worth of around the $2 million dollar mark.
His channel has over 5 million subscribers as of 2020 and has accumulated over 930 million views so far. It is believed he makes around $1.7 million a year from YouTube.

Cody Ko Real Name

Cody was born Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk on November 22, 1990; in Calgary, Canada.

Noel Miller

Noel Miller became Cody’s collaborator. The two met while working in programming in L.A.
Of their meeting Cody revealed

“It’s a pretty funny story actually. We were both making YouTube videos and we followed each other on Vine. So, we’d spoken a little bit online. But my new boss, on the first day of work, took me to my desk and Noel was sitting at the desk across from me. Both of us looked at each other and were like, ‘Are you stalking me? This is so weird!’

Kelsey Kreppel,Cody Ko Girlfriend,Cody Ko

Cody later to quit in order to give full attention to his YouTube channel and podcast.
Noel followed a year later. They joint forces and formed ‘The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast‘ -the 24th biggest Patreon on the site.

The duo has been known to continue to push themselves. In 2018, they took their podcast to the stage, touring around the country. They additionally launched a mixtape, in December of 2018, which was streamed over 10 million times.

Noel Miller also hails from Canada and was born August 19, 1989. His online video content began to earn him a following around 2014.
He found huge success on vine, thanks to his comedy videos which helped him to more than 100,000 followers.
He then turned his attention to YouTube where he continued to make sketch comedy, earning 2 million subscribers.

Since joining Cody on the Tiny Meat Gang, he has been on tour as a stand up comedian. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

Cody Ko Girlfriend

Kelsey Kreppel and Cody have been dating since 2017.

Kelsey Kreppel,Cody Ko Girlfriend,Cody Ko

Cody Ko girlfriend, Kelsey Kreppel collaborates with her famous boyfriend on a regular basis. She became known after she began appearing on Cody’s old podcast, Insanely Chill.

Kelsey Kreppel,Cody Ko Girlfriend,Cody Ko

Cody Ko girlfriend, Kelsey Kreppel began publishing regularly to Instagram in August 2011. With more than 600K Instagram followers, Kelsey, like her man is quite the influencer/social media star herself.

As a YouTuber, Kelsey Kreppel has earned over 700,000 subscribers to her self-titled channel, where she posts a range of content, including food-related videos and challenges.

She mainly focuses her material in lifestyle content videos. Additionally, Kelsey Kreppel posts videos of reviewing award shows, fashion shows, challenges clips, traveling blogs, and makeup tutorials.

Her 2019 “Met Gala 2019 Fashion Review” became one of her most-watched videos with over 1 million views.

Kelsey Kreppel Age

Kelsey Kreppel,Cody Ko Girlfriend,Cody Ko

Cody Ko girlfriend, Kelsey Kreppel is 27-year-old; she was born Kelsey Lang Kreppel September 24, 1993, in Los Angeles, California.

She is one of the children born to Laureen Lang Kreppel (nee. Mccarthy) and Neil Louis Kreppel, ages 62 and 68, respectively. Kelsey has one older brother, Kevin, 29.

Her mother, is a 5th-grade teacher at St. Mel School, she holds a B.A. in English from the University of Southern California. Her dad Neil, is the owner of Commercial Talent in L.A.

Kelsey’s uncle Tonny Award winner Paul Kreppel portrayed Sonny Mann a pianist in the t.v. show It’s Living.

Kelsey Kreppel College

Prior to her current status, Kelsey Kreppel worked as a preschool teacher.

Cody Ko girlfriend, Kelsey Kreppel graduated from college with a degree in child and adolescent development.
She highlights this fact on YouTube writing ‘preschool teacher turned YouTuber and entertainer.’
It is believed she attended college in California, however she has not disclosed her alma mater.