Cindy Schaap- Former pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hammond in Indiana Dr. Jack Schaap’s Wife


Now I know we live in this crazy world where crazy things happen all the time but have you heard about  he latest on this outrageous case?? Former pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond who took advantage of his experience and charm to seduce a 16 year old girl is now saying it was all God’s plan!!!


cindy schaap


We are well aware he was a pastor a minister of God, a person close to God than many others if you will, now we are not judging his believes or his religion but as a man of his experience and knowledge how can he say now that his mischevious ways are “exactly what Christ desires” who can know exactly what God’s desires are?? Maybe it is possible Im not saying otherwise but, I’m pretty doubtful about Christ desiring to twist the truth so bad and in his actions hurting human lives like his family and the young girl involved in al this.


Now about the girl she is been undergoing therapy to put this past her but have you wondered about Cindy Schaaps?? She is pastor 54 year old Jack Schaaps wife.


Cindy was born in Munster, Indiana November 30, 1959. Daughter of Dr. Jack Hyles and wife Beverly. She is a well known writer in her community specializing in marriage. Cindy has written over nine books, her first book “A wife’s purpose” written in 1992. Just showing the kind of woman she was in her houseold…probably a devoted wife who has been an exceptional example for the community and even more to her family.


Cindy attended Hammond Baptist School in Schererville, Indiana after her graduation in 1977 she went to Hyles-Anderson College graduated in 1980 and received a Doctor of Letters degree in 1998. She lived  in Crete, IL from 2011 and in Hammond, IN from 2011.


She is  conference director of the annual Christian Womanhood Spectacular and senior editor at Christian Womanhood since 2001 when its  founder and editor Marlene Evans died.

Some other of her book are Healing Love, A Meek and Quiet Spirit, Training Kings and Queens, 100+ Ways God Shows Me He Loves Me, Living on the Bright Side.


Cindy Schaaps got married to her husband on June 1, 1979, they have two children Jaclynn, now married to Todd Weber with whom she has two children Lyndsay and Raymond Weber and Kenny,  married to Candace Hooker.

Until this scandal involving her husband unraveled she was a probably just living a normal life enjoying her obvious success, a quiet life living in Dyer Indiana working Christian Womanhood and just describing herself as the wife of Jack Schaap and having a beautiful family of two kids already married and being the happy grandmother to four grandchildren.


To defend herself she said in a letter:


“We were known for our happy marriage, and it was not a hypocrisy; it was real,”


I guess this guy really has a beyond supportive family, hey you got to stick together right! Along with his wife letter he filed 140 more from friends and family. Think he will get away with less than the 10 years prosecutors are asking? Or his lifework as a pastor will help him??


We wish Cindy and her family the best in this unfortunate turn of life.

You can see her Facebook page here.

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