Arvida Bystrom Model posing with Adidas with Hairy Legs

Arvida Bystrom

Arvida Bystrom is an artist and stunning model who has made headlines after posing for an Adidas campaign with –hairy legs! Don’t worry she was totally aware of it.

Arvida who was born in Sweden has been receiving nasty comment and dead threats for the controversial snap. This is not the first time the blonde poses ‘natural,’ in fact, she is well known for posing with her body hair on show.

Aside from her career as a model, Arvida Bystrom is a photographer.

The 26-year-old who was hired to promote a new brand of trainers by Adidas, revealed she received dozens of abusive messages after the advert was released on YouTube. In an Instagram post, she says she was also threatened with rape in direct messages on social media.

Arvida Bystrom

Since the hate began, Adidas released a statement praising her for her ‘creativity, diversity and unique ideas.’ Adidas called it an honor to work with creators like Avida Bystrom.

Unique is something that Avida definitely is; in 2012 she appeared in a series for Vice called There Will Be Blood which featured photos of women during their periods, and has a gallery space called GAL in London with Hanna Antonsson.

Arvida Bystrom

More recently, she and artist Molly Soda joint forces to release a book called Pics Or It Didn’t Happen, which features 270 photos of women’s bodies which Instagram has taken down for breaking its community rules.

Bystrom who was born in Stockholm, is passionate about art. Aside from her photography she also curates art shows, makes music, and directs.

Aside from Adidas she’s also modeled for Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, Richard Kern and Valerie Philips. She has appeared in Monki, Vice and Garage magazine.

Currently based in London, Arvida has gained a massive following, she has nearly 200k followers only on Instagram. The Swedish babe is often described as the muse of Meadham Kirchhoff.

Find Arvida Bystrom on Instagram here.