Antonia Jenae Richard Branson’s Harassment Accuser

Antonia Jenae

Antonia Jenae is the latest woman to come forward with her own story of sexual abuse, this time at the hands of Virgin boss, Sir Richard Branson.

Antonia, a long time backup singer revealed to media she was the victim of an inappropriate incident which took place at Necker Island. According to her, Branson placed his head between her breasts and made boat engine noises.

Branson apparently, also tried to get her to show him her boobs at one point but she refused.

Antonia Jenae had been invited to Branson’s Caribbean home as part of the band of singer Joss Stone –who played the Go Green festival on nearby Tortola back in June 2010.

The 44-year-old said she was in shock following the incident which she says it happened totally out of the blue as Branson was saying goodbye to the partygoers. She described Branson’s behavior as ‘disgusting.’

Antonia Jenae

A spokesman for Branson said he had no recollection of the incident and added that his whole family was with him at the time. The statement also said he ‘apologizes if anyone felt that way during their time on the island.”

Virgin also issued a statement from Stone’s father, Richard Stoker, who was on the island at the time. In it, he said: ‘Joss and the group had a wonderful afternoon on Necker Island, everybody entered into the party spirit and it was wonderful getting to know Richard and his family.’

Antonia Jenae

Antonia Jenae is a resident of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida and is also the mother of two children. She thought of speaking about the incident, following the wave of sexual harassment accusations currently plaguing Hollywood.

Antonia Jenae

Jenae also took to her Facebook page to post a message joining the #metoo campaign.

“When you tell the truth…. there’s bound to be a troll or two trying to prove you wrong. Don’t pay attention to the trolls. They are a distraction. Stay focused in truth. It will set you free. #metoo,” she wrote.

Jenae is signed to the Konchus Collective record label and released an album titled “For Medicinal Purposes” in 2005. Under the about section on Facebook, the musician writes “I’m that Southern Diva bringing Funk to the speakers in your Trunk!! DEAL WIT IT!”