Ann McCrory NC Gov. Pat McCrory’s Wife

Ann McCrory

Ann McCrory is the wife of Pat McCrory, the Republican politician who has been governor of North Carolina since taking office on January 5, 2013. He previously served as Mayor of Charlotte and councilman. Keep reading to know more about Gov, McCrory and certainly all we know about his wife Ann McCrory.

Ann McCrory’s husband was born October 17, 1956 in Columbus, Ohio, to parents Rolling John McCrory and Audrey Mona McCrory (nee. Herzberg). He grew up in North Carolina where he attended Ragsdale High School in Jamestown, NC and Catawba College in Salisbury, NC with a degree in education and political science. He serves at Catawba College’s Board of Trustees.

After his graduation he got a job at Duke Energy where he worked until 2008, at the same time he a councilman at Charlotte and Mayor, at age 39 in 1995, he became the youngest Mayor suceeding Richard Vinroot. After serving hiseight term as Mayor in 2008, he announced he was running for governor.

He won the Republican nomination for Governor on May 6, 2008 but failed to win to Democratic lieutenant governor Bev Perdue, afterhis defeat he joined Moore Van Allen Law firm and his brother’s consulting firm. By 2012 when Governor Bev Perdue announced she would not seen re-election, McCrory announced his candidacy for governor which he won 55% to 43% against Democratic lieutenant governor Walter Dalton, He took office on January 5, 2013.

As Governor Pat McCrory has signed laws and vetoed bills such as:

* March, 2013, signed a bill that opted the state out of the expanded Medicaid program of the Affordable Care Act of 2009, which would have provided healthcare coverage to 500,000 North Carolinians.

* May, 2013, signed a North Carolina adaptation of Caylee’s Law stating that a parent/caregiver who deliberately fails to report their child missing guilty of a Class I Felony, among other felonious acts such as concealing the death of a child under the new law.

* July, 2013 signed a law legislation which required abortion providers to meet the same standards as surgical centers, allowed health-care providers to decline to perform abortions, and prevented any public health-insurance policy from paying for abortions. * July 2013, signed tax reform legislation that created a modified flat-tax system for the state by specifying a single income-tax rate and a larger standard deduction but eliminating the personal exemption.

* August 2013, signed into law the Regulatory Reform Act of 2013. The legislation, according to the bill, was “an act to improve and streamline the regulatory process in order to stimulate job creation, to eliminate unnecessary regulation, to make various other statutory changes, and to amend certain environmental and natural resource laws

* August, 2013, he vetoed a bill that required people applying for welfare benefits to pass a drug test, plus extended from 90 days to nine months the amount of time that an employee could work without undergoing a background check in the E-Verify system.

* June, 2014 tsigned the Energy Modernization Act of 2014 into law. The bill allows hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” in the state, and criminalizes the disclosure of fracking chemicals, lifting a 2012 moratorium that blocked fracking permits

* May, 2015 vetoed a bill to allow magistrates with religious objections to refuse to perform same-sex marriages.

* March, 2016 signed bill overturning transgender ordinance.

Ann McCrory Bio

Pat McCrory is married to Ann McCrory since 1988, they don’t have any children. Ann McCrory, 59, was born Ann G. Sturgis on November 23, 1956 on Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education and history from Limestone College in Gaffney, South Carolina and a master’s in counseling from Winthrop University. She serves as Vice President of Human Resources at YMCA and Regional Human Resources Manager at the CIGNA Corporation