Ann Marie Guerra NYPD Boss Stuffed Panties in Co-worker’s Mouth

 Ann Marie Guerra

This is Ann Marie Guerra; she is the NYPD Sergeant accused of stuffing her panties in one of her co-worker’s mouth later identified as Detective Victor Falcon. It all happened after Detective Falcon complained about with her about leaving her underwear all over the unisex locker room.

According to Detective Falcon, Sgt. Guerra flipped out and yelled; “They are f-king Clean” before rubbing them all over his face and eventually shoving them inside his mouth.

“She had an EEO put on her by the precinct detective-unit lieutenant for literally putting her panties in a fellow male detective’s open mouth;” a source said.

Furthermore, 38-year-old Ann Marie Guerra, married to Joseph L. Larosa Jr. aka Joe Larosa; from Staten Island. Mr. Larosa a 1999 New Utrecht High School graduate, works at Union Local 731. Ann Marie Guerra and her husband Joe have two children, Mia and son Jacob.

Prior to working for the NY Police Department, Sgt. Guerra was a real estate paralegal, worked for Forsyth Home ODwyer Kalb & Murphy P.C from 1985 to 1993, later for Trevett Cristo Salazar & Andolina P.C from 2004 to 2016.

What about Detective Falcon?

An anonymous source had some interesting things to say about him.

He’s not the Saint he’s portraying himself to be. Me and the other members of the team walk on eggshells with him because he’s like a time bomb you never know when he’s going to go off.”

“Working with Vic makes me think his bipolar; what do I mean well he could be your best friend one minute and then turn around and lose it starts screaming at you for no reason.”

“Vic hates women on this job. Vicks states if the women on his job want to get ahead all day have to do is blow their way to the top; not only saying it to me but to everyone in front the females in the office. He’s very disgusting and disrespectful towards women.”

Moreover, about the incident with Sergeant Guerra?

“Vic was talking about all the females underwear how he was looking at one pair saying they looked like they had a vibrator attached to them which was one of the other female detective underwear.”

“I understand that Sgt Guerra is rough around the edges but she needs to be and all the females on this job need to be because it’s a hard job for females with guys like this on the job. The news put out that she denied him time off to take care of his family that’s false; She was never his boss never had anything to do with his overtime or time off like he told you guys”