Melanie Marden’s Ex-Husband Craig Fury

Craig Fury

Craig Fury was at one point the husband of Melanie Marden; the Canadian model who played the United States’ First Lady and stripped off her clothes for rapper T.I. on his video; the problem was that the resemblance between Melania Trump and Marden is uncanny, and that got several people furious.

You all remember all that fuzz around T.I’s video; Melanie Marden now referred by media as Melania Trump’s lookalike has been getting death threats over her phone and now she is understandably freak out about the whole thing.

“I got a text message on my cell phone; which is unlisted and [is] not handed out very easily, and it basically said, ‘Follow my instructions or you’ll be assassinated within the next 24 hours;’” Marden said of a message sent from someone claiming to be an assassin.

“It was long, detailed and specific; The detective is coming today to scan for devices or tracking pieces, and kind of rule things out one by one.’

“I’ve never really been the victim of cyberbullying prior to this.” Marden explained

Furthermore, Marden was married to Craig Fury from 2008 to 2011; allegedly she dated actor Rob Steinberg and fitness model Greg Plitt, her  co-star on Bravo’s Friends to Lovers