Yalcin Surkultay- Pregnant Criminology Student Loretta Saunders’ Boyfriend


Meet Turkish native Yalcin Surkultay. When he was transferred from the Baptist University of Hong Kong to the Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Dalhousie University, never imagined he would find and lose the love of his life all at once.

According to his LinkedIn profile Yalcin is a 3rd year student at Dalhousie, he is originally from Izmir, Turkey according to an interview he did for the exchange student program. The Bachelor of Computer Science is expected to graduate in 2015. He previously attended the Izmir Institute Of Technology where he studied Physics and graduated from Izmir Ozel Turk Koleji in 2006.

His professional skills include JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, Algorithms, Unix, XML and Software Development.

He previously was a ride operator at Six Flags.


During the interview for the exchange student program, Yalcin said of the experience

Dalhousie is an excellent university for research. I would definitely recommend Dalhousie to others from Turkey because it’s one of the top universities in Canada.”

“This is my best learning experience so far because so much is available to me. There are so many options for courses. I wish I had room in my schedule to take them all.”


Tragically y we’ve known him as the boyfriend of missing 26-year-old student Loretta Saunders. His girlfriend who was last seen leaving her Cowie Hill apartment on Feb.13, was found dead yesterday.The body of his pregnant girlfriend was found in a highway median in New Brunswick.

Surkultay said Saunders “was checking on her apartment” on Feb. 13 when he last saw her that morning. Saunders had sublet her apartment to Leggette and Henneberry, and was staying with Surkultay at the time of her disappearance.

During a conference held earlier this week, the baffled family of Loretta showed pictures of the young criminology student. Yalcin Surkultay, Saunders’ boyfriend, who last saw her on the morning of Feb. 13, also sat quietly holding a photo, next to Loretta Saunders’ sister, Delilah Terriak.

Later, her boyfriend said he couldn’t do an interview as he was overwhelmed and exhausted by the ordeal.

Yalcin Surkultay tells CTV News the names of the people arrested match the names of a man and woman to whom Saunders had just rented her apartment in January.

The couple dated for about three-years and reports say his girlfriend was excited to become a mother.

It seems his Facebook account has been deleted. Our condolences to Yalcin and Lotetta’s family.