Top 10 Facts about George Clooney’s rumored Girlfriend Amal Alamuddin


52-year-old seasoned actor George Clooney who’s been delighting us for over three-decades with his work whether acting, directing, producing and even writing, has had every success coming his way; but in the romantic department we’ve seen many ladies come and go. His most recent love interest has been identified as, bright woman, Amal Alamuddin and here are 10-facts we found out about here and thought you might want to know!

She and Clooney were first spotted hanging out last October around London.

#1 Amal is not in the show-bizz

The brunette stunner is based in Britain, Alamuddin works far outside the entertainment industry.

#2 More than just a pretty face


Amal could take Clooney out of jail, if he ever needed it! According to her twitter account she is a barrister (lawyer) specializing in in international law, human rights, extradition and criminal law.

#3 she has spectacular education credentials!

The bookworm Amal, began her collegiate studies in the United Kingdom, Alamuddin obtained her B.A./LLB from St. Hugh’s College at Oxford University. The British native then went on to study in the U.S. at New York University School of Law (LLM).

#4 Quite the catch!


In 2013, she landed on the No. 1 spot of London’s Hottest Barrister list.

#5 She’s Trilingual

This beauty speaks fluent English, Arabic and French.

#6 She doesn’t mind the exposure


She is currently representing WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange in his extradition proceedings with Sweden.

#7 Impressive career/profile

She has she served as an advisor to the United Nations as a consultant on crises in Syria and Lebanon, according to a report from Yahoo.

#8 Popular on the social networks


She might not have as many followers as her alleged boyfriend, and despite  having only 1,778 followers there are some big names among them! Some of them include Julia Gillard, the 27th prime minister of Australia; Lalit Kumar Modi, the founder and architect of the Indian Premiere League and Champions; and the pro-gay rights NOH8 campaign organization.

#9 She is the recipient of Awards!

She might not have an Academy Award as her male counterpart but she did received the Jack K. Katz Memorial award for her accomplishment in the field of law.

#10 She is an author

According to her profile on doughtystreet; Amal is the co- editor (with David Tolbert and Nidal Jurdi) of a book entitled The Law and Practice of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, published in 2013 by Oxford University Press. She is also the author of several book-chapters and articles on international criminal law published by Oxford University Press.