Who is the sexy Brunette Kissing Harry Styles in This Is Us Premiere?


The ever teen heartthrob that he is, Harry Styles has done it again! Don’t you just love bad boys! And specially those as cute as him!

Well we are talking about One Direction’s movie premiere “This is us” where he as if a young “Don Juan DeMarco” romancing his lady stoles a kiss from our mystery brunette chick! The infamous photo shows Harry planting a misplaced kiss onto the mystery brunette’s cheek and slightly touching her lips nevertheless it’s a legit kiss this lucky girl got from the 1D star.

Our other 1D members Zyan, Niall, Louis and Liam also made it to the photo booth but Styles like is usual stole the show.

The intimate moment took place in the 1D photo booth at the One Direction: This Is Us premiere on Tuesday evening, while the pretty girl who is right now the envy of millions of Harry’s candid fans to say the least, did several movements through out the shoot.

The series of snaps show both Harry and the girl –who we are going to call sexy brunette- posing and smiling; our sexy brunette is then seen making a peace sign with her hands and even sticks her tongue out in one of the images.
The pair definitely got flirty and friendly but what we all want to know is who is this sexy brunette and what does she mean to Harry? Sexy Brunette is for sure girlfriend material think about it; she looks his age, she is hot, she can perform and surely she will endure the wrath of millions of fans wanting Harry for themselves!

Plus is kind of a cool way to introduce his new lady in the video like that right! We know he likes to do things his own way and that is why we all love the bad boy.

What else do we know about Sexy Brunette? She most certainly has great taste in fashion, just look at her earrings! On the other hand she could just be an extremely lucky fan going in for a quick kiss or even a pal who can always be relied on for a photo booth pucker up; but she did such a good job that they both look like a natural match.

See more pictures of her below! And you be the judge.