Shelley Mather Meyer is Coach Urban Meyer’s wife


Shelley Meyer is married to Head Football Coach at The Ohio State University, Urban Meyer. Go Bucks! The lovely lady was born and raised on a small farm in Frankfort, Ohio; the oldest of five siblings. Raised as Shelley Mather, her father worked on the B&O Railroad, like his father before him. Shelley attended the University of Cincinnati as a nursing student where she met future hubby Urban Meyer, who was a sophomore attending the school playing football.

Before earning her degree in psychiatric nursing, Shelley was introduced to Urban at a fraternity/sorority Kentucky Derby party in May 1984. A young and persistent Urban quickly wore her down and they began dating. Five years later in July of 1989, the couple was married! They tied the knot in 1986 and she is the mother of his three children; daughters Nicole nicknamed “Nicki”, Gisela nicknamed “Gigi” and the coouple’s youngest Nate short for Nathan. Nicki and Gigi definitely have the sports gen both playing Division I volleyball, one for Georgia Tech and the other for Florida Gulf Coast.

This lady is a super active woman; making full use of her degree in psychiatric nursing, Shelley Meyer is the unofficial “mom” of her husband’s football team and let’s say she has had a lot of “adoptive children” with her hubby’s extensive career as a football coach leading teams in Utah, Florida and currently in Ohio!

She considers herself a surrogate mother to all of the player’s on the football team, providing the “feminine instinct” in the boys’ busy student/player’s life.

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She also keeps an active social life, going out and visiting friends every where her hubby needs to relocate she would fit right in.

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And of course we can’t forget to keep in good shape, after all she is the wife of a football coach! Of course being a spinning instructor helps. You can here her during classes encouraging her students at Sawmill Athletic Club.

But what is most important to her is her family, dedicating 100% of her time and love; to defend and support them when needed just as she is doing about the whole scrutiny brought on by Aaron Hernandez’s arrest for murder; no wonder her children call her “the ‘rock’ of the Meyer family.


The couple of 27 years are also very active in their chairty work as most couples in sport; they dedicate time to The Urban and Shelley Meyer Cancer Research Fund. This year Shelley along with hubby Urban were the Honorary Hosts of the 2013 Buckeye Cruise for Cancer raising over $1 Million. You can find more info about their fund here.

You can follow Shelley on twitter here.