Sahara Walsh- Equinox trainer/ fitness model groped by Wall Street trader Quintano Downes

sahara walsh

29-year-old Sahara Walsh took the scare of her life back on April 28, when a complete stranger hopped into the back seat of her car and demanded to be driven home! Sahara who is a buxom physical fitness model with ripped abs and toned legs said no to the irrational looking man she received the beating of a lifetime!

Sahara was with another friend at the moment of the incident but she was the only one injured. Her attacker who happens to be major Wall Street veteran trader Quintano Downes was furious and acted completely irrational pulling her out of the car, stomped her on the sidewalk, ripped off her blouse exposing her breast, called her a “b—h!” and dragged her down the street, causing her to lose her shoes, court papers allege.

Born on May 05, 1984 Sahara attended Fiorello H. La Guardia High School graduating in 2002, she then went off to Hunter College where she got a B.S in Nutrition and Food Science she gradauted in 2011. Her passion for fitness made her found her own company which called Fabulous Physique Fitness, she’s been the owner since 2009. Among her list of jobs we found she worked as a barista for a year, she was also a make up artist at Ricky’s NYC for a couple of years, she also became a personal trainer at Equinox working there for seven years which is her biggest love.

Her skills include kettebells, Pilates, nutritional counseling, nutrition and fitness. Her mother Lynn Walsh told reporters her daughter is still shaken up by the attack that lasted several minutes as Downes allegedly dragged her and assaulted her. She followed Downes limping and bleeding trying to make him stop, Sahara screamed:

“Please! Stop this man!!”

Walsh’s attacker was arrested but released without bail; Sahara is suing the 46-year-old business man for $100,000. He is due back in Manhattan Criminal Court next month.

This bilingual trainer sure has been really brave, did you know the guy is an ex-Marine? She is probably one third of his weight so she really got herself a beat down for no reason. The whole thing was witnessed by a man who called 911.

You can find Sahara on Facebook here and take a look at her linked in profile here. We hope she is doing better and can put this in the past.