CHEATING SCANDAL!! Jennifer Richardson is Lamar Odom’s Mistress from Washington


According to Star Magazine Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian might be heading to a divorce, he moved out of the family home early this month allegedly Khloe kicked him out after she found out Lamar and a sexy brunette identified as Jennifer Richardson from Washington had a one year-affair

Lamar Odom Jennifer Richardson star Magazine cheating scandal

Lamar Odom Jennifer Richardson mistress stripper

Allegedly 29-year-old Jennifer Richardson from Washington D.C met Lamar Odom at the Stadium Club Strip in 2011 after a Dallas Mavericks game, the connection was apparently immediately and by January 2012 they started the affair.

Stadium club strip washington Lamar Odom Jennifer Richardson picStadium club strip washington Lamar Odom Jennifer Richardson

Friends close to Richardson said Lamar and Jennifer ate dinner together on the night they met, he left the restaurant but by 3:00 a.m he was calling her to meet him back at his hotel.

“Lamar and Jennifer ate dinner in an intimate booth together that night, then he took off her shoes and started rubbing her feet,” a friend of Jennifer’s tells the mag. “The chemistry between them was off the charts!”

“As soon as she got there, he took her phone apart and put the pieces in different spots all around the room,” her friend reveals. “He actually took the battery out and the back off. She thought he was afraid that she would take photos or record him, he then began grabbing her butt and kissing her sweetly on the neck. . “She said he was an amazing kisser.”

They didn’t sleep together that night but the source said they everything else

“And it wasn’t just physical. “They talked all through the night and he really opened up to her,” the source reveals. For Jennifer, it was “very emotional and much more than a random thing. She was instantly smitten with Lamar.

After the tryst Lamar allegedly gave Jennifer $3,000 a a see you again promise, however it took eleven months for they too see each other again, the meeting wasn’t planned but pure coincidence.

When the Clippers were in North Carolina for a game, Lamar ran into Jennifer in the lobby of the Charlotte Ritz-Carlton.
“As soon as Lamar saw her, he ran up to her and gave her a big hug,” the friend says. “He said, ‘I’ve been looking for you. Are we good?’”

Apparently the answer was yes, because the two had sex that night, the report claims. Says the friend, “Lamar couldn’t get enough. He was insatiable!’

That night was the beginning of an intense affair that would last several months, the mag says. Lamar invited Jennifer to travel with him to Milwaukee and Detroit for his next games, and also to a Dec. 23 game in Arizona, where the couple had a time to remember, where they had a threesome.

“Lamar had told Jennifer that he really wanted to have a party of three,” the source claims. “She wanted to make him happy, so she asked a pretty friend to join them in bed. Lamar stayed an extra night in Phoenix, and the three of them hooked up on the morning of Christmas Eve!”

He left Richardson to spend Christmas Eve with Khloe and her family but when he had the chance to sneak up he called Richardson.

“At the party, Lamar snuck off to a private room, called Jennifer and had phone sex with her!”

Khloe and Lamar split up briefly in January, but he didn’t stayed single, he spend almost two weeks with Jennifer Richardson at a L.A hotel. During that time Jennifer noticed he wasn’t happy with his life, and the issue was  not just his marriage with Khloe but also her family.

“Whenever he would leave to go to Khloe, he would say ‘I have to go be a Kardashian now.’”

Khloe and Lamar got back together but he didn’t put an end to his affair with Richardson.

“They would meet up at a nightclub and go back to the room a few minutes apart, using separate keys,” the source says. “She would also use a separate driver. But everyone knew they were together.” Lamar even went so far, the friend claims, as to kiss her in front of his friends.”

During the 2013 NBA playoff, he and Jennifer didn’t see each other, but he soon ran to her after the Clippers got eliminated, and apparently so was him from Jennifer’s life.

Jennifer Richardson Lamar Odom picJennifer Richardson Lamar Odom pictureJennifer Richardson Lamar Odom pics

She was angry, since he’d been missing for a couple months,” her friend explains. ” … It was over.”

We are not sure how Jennifer Richardson’s looks like, however these pictures at the Stadium Club Strip were taken around the same time Lamar met Richardson, she is  a blond, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have change her hair color, right?

Jennifer Richardson Lamar Odom mistress affair stripper

This is the real Jennifer Richardson spotted in L.A, what do you think?


 Jennifer Richardson Lamar Odom mistress pic Jennifer Richardson Lamar Odom mistress pics

Jennifer Richardson Lamar Odom mistress picture Jennifer Richardson Lamar Odom mistress pictures Jennifer Richardson Lamar Odom mistress
Jennifer Richardson Lamar Odom mistress photos
Jennifer Richardson Lamar Odom mistress photo

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