Renata Shamrakova- Todd Meister’s Former sexy Assistant


renata shamrakova


I guess hustlers come in every form, size, color, nationality and package huh! The beautiful, Russian-born personal assistant accused of swindling $1 million while working for hedge-funder Todd Meister has finally come clean after spending a whole year denying the charges! How long did she think she could keep on lying!

Meister runs Meister Company LLC and is a co-founder of Priderock Management; a great target I guess after all he did get married to Nicky Hilton at least for the whole six weeks it lasted! But definitely loaded and good looking!  And even though Renata and her attorney, Mark Agnifilo first stated that the money spent had actually been gifts from a romantic relationship between her employer and her; Meister, 42, has insisted that he had nothing but a work relationship with Shamrakova! I guess the other relationship between them was of that of victim and thief!

For eleven months, she lived high off her own “piggy bank” on Meister’s dime, charging international flights to Paris, Italy, Rome, Miami and India! I guess she really wasn’t looking for any travel deals; adding that she stayed in the Four Seasons George V Paris and The Delano in South Beach.

She admitted identity fraud by taking out two American Express cards one platinum, one gold in Meister’s name and get this she used the illegal credit cards to buy inventory for a new jewelry business she was starting, paid for grooming for her dog and even got Fresh Direct deliveries to her home! She even had the name for her business “Karat & Ice which” ‘trusted carrier of authentic quality designer merchandise. Trusted?? Twitter page is here

Shamrakova sure has proven to be something else!  Since her arrest in February 2012 Renata and one of many lovers Michael Smaye, 26 was also accused of helping Shamrakova after she begged him to hide the incriminating documents! Are these man really victims of her looks or just plain clowns of this girl??

Well black widow days are finally over and actually got a pretty sweet deal escaping from a 15 year jail time sentence also thanks to her looks?? But anyway she agreed to pay back the sum of $821,000 within a time frame of two years, but don’t you worry if she comes to you for work mommy and daddy will pay for her crook actions debt by selling a piece of property in upstate New York!

As far as Meister’ goes he is just happy “justice has been served”

Renata Shamrakova Todd Meister assistant pic

Renata Shamrakova Todd Meister assistant pics

28-year-old Renata A. Shamrakova was born on October 24, 1984, she is listed as a women’s accessories buyer and speaks English, Russian and Hebrew …beautiful and knowledgeable but then again a little misjudgments can get you in a lot of trouble ..

Pretty Renata starred in two low budget films in 2009,  as Karen in the short HiberNATION and as Alex in Fighting Nirvana.

You can find Renata on twitter here, and Mike is here