Ken Todd – Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband

Restaurant holder Lisa Vanderpump (whose husband is Ken Todd) dishes up out a a small number of trays of stage show in her Bravo blog, calling out both Adrienne Maloof (for weakening her husband) and Fake Resnick (for her contentious comments. DWTS cuttie wrote that she passed on going to Adrienne’s promo smash for her vodka because, as she said…

Ken Todd pic


Wasn’t welcome there, in all honesty.

Her chef has been vicious about me on social media, and in the press, numerous times and was clearly directed by somebody,” “Also, Adrienne, I can no longer regard in the same way … I viewed with sadness the patronizing manner in which she continues to address” her now ex-husband Paul Nassif.

Lisa wrote she was perplexed by Adrienne’s “attempts to emasculate” Paul, which were well-illustrated all through Sunday’s event, calling Paul “basically, a good guy,” and forgiving him for past issues they had because she knows he “was coerced”.

That brought things to Faye, whose victorious play for airtime by interjecting herself into the discussion on Sunday’s show “disgusted” Lisa, as she believed Faye “was looking for trouble.”

Lisa wrote that she was worried Faye actually believes that a lady’s worth is defined by her brand of handbag.

She wrote:

There are many women I would have interest in hearing their opinion of what makes a lady — Resnick is not one of them” “Her reputation precedes her.

Ken Todd is a British-American entrepreneur and restaurant owner who has a net worth of $85 million. Ken Todd earned his net worth as a renowned restaurateur, who in the last 30 years has owned and managed some of London and Los Angeles’ top restaurants and bars. Previous to him getting started in his career in the restaurant business, Todd made a wealth in the textiles industry. He bought his first bar Corks in Kensington, London in 1982 which is where he met his wife Lisa. As a husband and wife team, they have built up a huge, very flourishing and money-making selection of restaurants and bars.

Lisa also lately got her very own spin off show called “Vanderpump Rules”. Ken and Lisa have been married for 30 years and against ordinary custom, he took her last name. The joyful couple have two children, Pandora, 24 (biological) and Max, 18, whom Lisa adopted. Together they own 26 restaurants, including the sexiest restaurant in Beverly Hills, Villa Blanca, which is known as a celebrity hot spot. Villa Blanca has all from a sexy and romantic ambiance, to mouth-watering Mediterranean, Italian and Asian cuisine. The Executive Chef at Villa Blanca, Francis Demetrius is an specialist in Asian fusion dishes. Some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities go to Villa Blanca to see and be seen. Ken’s wife Lisa has also acted in a number of television series and movies such as A Touch of Class (film), The Wildcats of St Trinian’s, Silk Stalkings and Baywatch Nights.

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