Princess Love: Ray J’s Girlfriend


VH1 star and former stripper Princess Love –whose real name remains a mystery –and her famous singer-songwriter man, Ray J have broken up! Again!

Only this time Princess Love apparently threatened to commit suicide after her boyfriend, Ray broke up with her!


A TMZ reports says a preoccupied singer called 911 to alert them about Love’s threats, a welfare check was made but she wasn’t home.

Apparently the popular singer took her word seriously because there is a gun at her place!


She is said to be safe and sound and has spoken with Ray J and reassured him she will not go through with it.

The “Be Elegant. Be Classy. Be Irreplaceable. Be Extraordinary. Be Sensual. Be You.” fashion entrepreneur and Ray J have had problems in the past.



Back in October the couple was in the middle of major drama about who was going to keep their dog.




The couple was together for less than a year, the Love & Hip Hop star lived with Ray and shared their tiny pooch Boogotti.

We are glad to hear Love is safe and single?

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