Pamela Rauseo- performed CPR on her nephew, Sebastian de la Cruz



Meet 37-year-old Pamela Rauseo, the woman who saved the life of her five-month-old nephew during standstill traffic in Miami. The shocking images of Pamela have draw tears to more than one!



Aunt Pamela Rauseo told the Daily News that she feared for the worst when Sebastian de la Cruz went limp. The heroic moments were captured by a Miami Herald photographer. ‘I remember pounding on the pavement saying ‘this cannot be happening,’ she said. Little Sebastian is recovering at an area hospital.

Let’s get to know better the heroic woman. Pamela attended Christopher Columbus High School, she has a Bachelor of Science (BS), International Marketing from Fordham University graduating in 1997. According to her LinkedIn she is a former Account Executive for Eagle Global Logistics where she worked for three-years and handled and promoted sales aggressively developed the Broward County territory and tripled customer base. From 2002-2005 she worked for GlaxoSmithKline as a sales rep. It says she is currently the President, Preschool Director of The Growing Keiki, position she has held during the past nine-years.

Her professional skills include Bilingual, Computer Proficiency, Managerial Skills, Self-starter, Work Independently with Minimal Supervision, Superior Work Ethic and we can add to the list hero!

After Rauseo parked on the Dolphin Expressway, she discovered that the infant’s pinkish glow had been replaced with a hauntingly pale color. The experienced mom, who was babysitting her little nephew, breathed life into the little boy twice in the span of a few minutes, which the aunt said felt like an eternity.

Rauseo, also owns the Miami-based interior design firm Round321 which specialize in customized wall vinyls and home décor. She personally crafted Sebastian’s nursery, babysits the adorable tot when his mother is at work. You can check out Round231 on Facebook here, which features baby- Sebastian being held by his mother, Paola Vargas.

paola-vargas-son-sebastian-de-la-cruzThe brave woman is married to Eddie Rauseo and the couple have three children together. All boys.



“I feel like I did what I had to do. I did what anyone would have done in that situation,”  “It’s that simple.”

Were her words. The words of a loving woman.

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