Natalie Hoover: The Voice Craig Wayne Boyd’s Girlfriend

Craig Wayne Boyd Girlfriend Natalie Hoover

Craig Wayne Boyd one of the lucky finalist has been received a great deal of support from fans as well as family and friends, certainly you all have met his beautiful son Jaxon, the lucky mother is  the lovely Natalie Hoover.

So Natalie Hoover is the mother of Craig Wayne Boyd’s son Jaxon, but are they still together? Wasn’t Natalie Boyd’s fiancée and longtime girlfriend? Yes, back in 2012 Ms. Hoover was referred to as Craig’s longtime GF turned fiancée, but there are no indications that they are still together, he thanks his fans and son for their support during the competition, but he made no mention of Natalie, so who knows!

Whether Craig and Natalie are still together or not, she will always be his son’s mother, so here is what we know about Natalie Hoover.

46-year-old Natalie Ann Hoover, originally from Houston, Texas. She gave birth to their son Jaxon Wayne Boyd on June 30, 2012, baby Jaxon weighed 7-pounds and measured 19 inches at birth.

Boyd lovingly named Natalie his Everyday American Hero and she admired his new found fatherhood phasey!

“Craig is always positive, forgiving, a glass is always half-full kinda guy. Not to mention that he’s a fantastic daddy!

Photo Credit: Debbie Wallace