Meg Dick is Andy Dick’s Daughter

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Well isn’t this precious! Actor, comedian, musician, television/film producer and most recently dancer! Dedicated his latest performance on DWTS to his only daughter Meg Dick.meg dick


I’m devoting this week’s dance, a Viennese Waltz, to my precious angel daughter, Meg. The most most interesting, beautiful, funny person I know. She used to perform the most gorgeous, inspired, improvised dances for me when she was a little girl. She’s 15 years old now. She still is that little girl to me. I would cry watching her. Tonight I dance for her. I thank God she’s in my life. God bless her. I love you sooo much, Meg!

During his performance the show became infected with a loving vibe that got judge Carrie Ann Inaba sobbing uncontrollably! Overcame with emotion the judge waved at him to embrace him in a sentimental moment of the night.

His Viennese Waltz got a standing ovation from everyone but Dick was just thinking in one person in particular, his 15 year old daughter.

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The idea came to Meg’s dad when on this week´s show each contestant put together a themed-performance for ‘Best Year of My Life’ Week.

Meg’s famous dad acknowledged 2013 has been the best year of his life because of sobriety, reminiscing on how his beautiful teenage daughter used to dance for him as a child and he never did dance for her before, until now.

My daughter always used to dance for me when she was little.  I never danced for her.  Now Meg is 15 and doesn’t dance for me any more but I want to dance for her.  We both love the song ‘Hallelujah’ and I’m dedicating this performance to her.”

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Meg was born in 1998 to Lena Sved and Andy. The teenager currently resides in Topanga, California and attends Palisades Charter High School. On her Facebook page we can see she is in a relationship with Miles Erickson and works as a sweeper at Baer’s Furniture…wait! Is this lovely girl already tasting hard work or just a joker as her dad??


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Well kids sure grow fast and this is probably what Meg’s daddy is realizing! Coming to the harsh reality of his little girl dating and going to high school…But for Andy it actually goes a little deeper than just watching his kids grow up.

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Dick’s drug abuse and brushes with the law took him to the darkest brushes of life and back when on early 2012 he reported he had been sober for over 9 months and was decided to continue on that path.

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“I have a long nice stretch of sobriety and I think 2012 will be big,” Dick said.

“I’ve had some hardcore bottoms … . The darkest place I’ve been is to have had suicidal thoughts. I am not a suicidal guy. I’m a happy, upbeat, loving guy.”

Well luckily for us the actor has been doing better than ever having a great comeback to make justice to an amazing career! And now he’s got us more hooked on DWTS showing this very touching and human side. I’m sure Meg must be a fan!


Dick has three children a son Lucas with his ex-wife Ivone Kowalczyk, and a son Jacob and daughter Meg with Sved.


If you missed the heart touching performance you can watch it right here! Just grab a package of Kleenex first cause I assure you, you will shed some tears after!