Ivone Kowalczyk- Andy ****’s Ex- Wife

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Funny man Andy **** is dancing on the 16th season of Dancing With the Stars with of the newest professional ballroom dancer Sharna Burguess. Andy recently dedicated his Viennese Waltz on week fourth to the special lay in his life, his beautiful daughter Meg ****.

However there was a time long ago when Andy was married, that’s Andy’s first and only wife is our girl Ivone Kowalczyk.

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45-year-old Ivone Kowalczyk was born on January 28, 1968, she got married to Andy **** in 1986, she gave birth to her 24-year-old Lucas **** in 1988, who was just two when Ivone divorced her hubby in 1990. Lucas like his father is a comedian, and a very hot one!!

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Find Ivone Kowalczyk  an artist whose drawings are on several of Andy’s social networks. Find Ivone on Google + here