Marilu Henner’s husband is Michael Brown

Marilu Henner (whose husband is Michael Brown) is the love attention for Ashton Kutcher’s character. In true “Two and a Half Men” style, Walden then falls for the grandma.

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Henner’s chapter airs on May 9. The artist is presently on NBC’s “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.” Henner’s other TV credits embrace “Unforgettable,” “Evening Shade” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Something curious about Marilu is her own love story in real life which started about 35 years ago.
Henner, 54, married previous college classmate Michael Brown, also 54, after he had proposed to her from his hospital bed when he awoke from a procedure for cancer.

Henner and Brown, whose good-looking face and blue eyes she said she could never fail to remember, first met when they were both students at the University of Chicago. He was dating her roommate, and yet once those two broke up Henner steered obvious of him – unenthusiastically – because she didn’t want to break the “girlfriend code”.

But the couple’s paths crossed one more time in 1980, when he was a merchant seaman and she was about to marry the actor Frederic Forrest. She invited Brown to the wedding but by no means called him with the details. By then Henner was a huge TV star, but Brown, married and living in Brazil, had no idea of her celeb status.

Jump ahead 21 years. In 2001, both of them now divorced (in Henner’s case, two times), Henner got Brown’s phone number from a shared friend, and their dinner date ended well – kissing in Henner’s residence in the Hollywood Hills.

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In a week, they were in love. But two months later, Brown was diagnosed with bladder and lung cancer.

When Brown awoke from a surgical procedure to get rid of the lower lobe of his right lung in November 2001, Henner was sitting at his bedside, smiling and holding his hand.

Brown said:

With all the emotion I could muster.I proposed.

michael brown images  michael brown photograph

michael brown photographs michael brown photos  michael brown pics

His cancer now in reduction, Brown and Henner wed before 100 people. The groom’s twin brother, a Universal Life minister, officiated, and the bride, who wore a pastel peach Escada gown, was given away by her sons Nicky, 12, and Joey, 11. Brown has three children