Liana Barrientos: Married 10 Times without Divorcing


Sure, we’ve heard about people getting married more than a few times, nothing wrong with that right, there are some lucky –if you want to see it that way –that fall in love easy, you know that whole love at first sight kind of thing but our next story might not have to do with love at all!

39-year-old Liana Barrientos was busted not for getting married 10 times but because she never divorced! Reports say she married ten dudes in eleven years – even marrying six of them in one year alone!


Liana, from the Bronx, first tied the knot in 1999 to a guy named Mohamed Gerbril. It’s year 2001 and she said “I do” to Ahmed Allam and Habibur Rahman.

She added six more men to the list in 2002: Davit Koridze, Duran Goktepe, Aliaksandr Paharelau, Vakhtang Dzneladze, Rashid Rajput, and Kakhaber Khorbaladze. In 2010 she became a bride one more time totaling 10 men, her tenth hubby is Salle Keita.


She totaled 10 nuptials but in 2010 she lied and called her tenth time, the first and only marriage.  Reports say she has only divorced from four out of her ten husbands.


According to her Facebook, she is a Dominican Republic native and lives in Manhattan. A source close to her said Liana is a mom of two and that her children are from different men.


Police reports indicate Barrientos, is no stranger to the law, her prior arrests include charges for loitering, drug possession, and jumping a turnstile and trespassing, according to the Daily News.

Most recently she was busted last November when authorities charged her with filing a false marriage license application.

What do you think of her story? She could go to jail for up to 8-years.