Lance Gerbino- Pauly D’ baby mama Amanda Markert’s Baby daddy

Lance Gerbino Amanda Markert baby daddy photo

Meet Lance Gerbino, he is the father of the eldest child Pauly D’s baby mama Amanda Markert has, in addition to her 5-month old daughter Ambella from her one night-stand with thhe Jersey Shore actor and DJ.

Mickey is now a beautiful 5-year-old boy, he is the older brother of his half sister Amabella, born to Pauly D and Amanda Markert. Mickey’s dad is Lance E. Gerbino a 27-year-old New Yorker, the son of Edith Molner, 57, and Joseph Gerbino born in Flushing, NY; the eldest Gerbino  passed away in January, 1996, when Lance was 10, after his dad’s passing Lance and his mom moved to Jersey.

In Jersey Lance became involved with skateboarding and freestyle motocross, however Gerbino had another interest, passed on to him by his father, photography. Lance Gerbino studied film at Full sail University in Winter Park, Florida after his 2005 graduation from Atlantic City High School, he also attended at Santa Barbara City College.

But he quit college in 2008 when his then girlfriend Amana Markert told him she was pregnant. Michael Ethan “Mickey” was born that year. When Lance was 23,  he was arrested  and charged with burglary.

Gerbino was not ready to quit skateboarding or photography whatsoever so he opened his photo studio/surf and skate shop and men’s and women designer Los Angeles-style clothing boutique Lanstar.

Lace Gerbino and Markert didn’t stayed together for long, I think that he doesn’t has the best opinion of his baby mama Amanda who he referrers as a druggie stripper, according to TMZ Lance might be the one who has a drug problem, and a warrant arrest for a drug charge.

Gerbino was involved in a car crash, when the police arrived at the scene he was showing needles marks in his arms and had methadone pills with him, he was arrest for DUI, Lance was a no show at  his court hearing, and because of that he is now a wanted man.

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