Kelly Remington: State Trooper/ Survivor Contestant


Meet 44-year-old State Trooper Kelly Remington, who is currently a contestant on Survivor Worlds Apart! The Grand Island, N.Y. resident is a Blue Collar team member, read more about her below!


You might think Kelly doesn’t have much to say judging by her CBS bio, but this lady is all about timing. As a cop she analyzes and knows exactly when to interject herself into the situation, so you might want to watch out for her!


Remington is clearly proud of her line of duty, her personal claim to fame she says is her career because she gets to use her pepper spray, handcuffs, night stick and Taser before she even walks out to the streets.


The smiley cop says her inspiration is her mother who raised her and her two siblings on her own. She studied Forensic psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, according to her Facebook page.


Kelly’s strategy consists of making everyone believes she is on their level, she will make them think she’s not a law enforcement agent and instead will relate to all of them.

Do you think it has worked so far?

Find Kelly on Twitter here.