Kathryn Hufschmid: James Murdoch’s Wife

Meet 43-year-old Kathryn Hufschmid the wife of 15-years of 21st Century Fox CEO, James Murdoch.

Kathryn’s father-in-law happens to be 84-year-old chief executive of 21st Century Fox, Rupert Murdoch; recent reports indicate Kathryn’s hubby is expected to take over as chief executive, and the elder Mr. Murdoch will remain at the company as executive chairman.

Kathryn met James in 1997. She became Mrs. Murdoch in 2000, they wedded in Connecticut, James who likes literary references, read Pablo Neruda to his bride; she read James Joyce.

A lot has been written about her husband’s endeavors as one of the children of Rupert Murdoch but his lovely wife is worth to get to know.

Kathryn Murdoch is described as a former model and marketing executive. According to Wikipedia she works for the Clinton Climate Initiative, a charitable foundation set up by the former U.S. president, Bill Clinton in 2006.


Most recently the blonde got involved with the Quadrivium Foundation in 2013, in fact she is the co-founder and president.

According to her website, she held a variety of senior management positions in marketing, communications and business development, primarily in the fashion and online media arenas. Now-a-days she is more focused in fundraising, policy development and project oversight for a range of local and international environmental initiatives.

When Kathryn first married James, he wasn’t the media mogul he is today. The couple relocated several times living in Hong Kong, London and other countries, Kathryn made sure to support her hubby while also being useful: while living in London, Ms. Murdoch was also Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Mrs. and her hubby have three children together, 12-year-old daughter Anneka, 9-year-old son Walter and 7-year-old son Emerson. The family of five reside in New York.

You can find the mom of three on Twitter here, LinkedIn here.