Edmarie Lafontaine-Perez- Missing Actress found in jail under alias Tieres Rodriguez-Perez.


Described as an aspiring actress, Puerto Rican Edmarie Lafontaine-Perez has finally been located after several days of search! The 21-year-old was in jail the whole time after being jailed on Jan. 27 on charges of defrauding an innkeeper and resisting an officer without violence and bribery, according to NBC Miami reports. The young girl is famous now, although not for her intended reasons!

Right before she vanished, Edmarie made the phone call no parent wants to get, she phoned her folks and said she was scared for her life, on Jan. 26. Speaking in disjointed sentences, Lafontaine-Perez told her mom that she was scared for her life and was being chased.

Fearing the worst, Edmarie’s parents, thought their wannabe actress daughter – who was supposed to be in school after moving from her native Puerto Rico to South Florida back in December to pursue a career in biology –had gotten involved with the wrong people.


Police in Fort Lauderdale spent days searching for Edmarie Lafontaine-Perez before realizing she was being held in a Miami-Dade jail! Funny thing is, she was booked under the alias Tieres Rodriguez-Perez!


Edmarie Raquel Lafontaine Perez is the daughter of Edwin Lafontaine and Manuela Perez, on a Puerto Rican actor’s directory page she describes herself as

“A dynamic and creative girl, interested in the fields of acting and modeling”



According to her Facebook page, she resides in Humacao, Puerto Rico. It is unclear what exact events lead her to end up in a cell in Miami and why she gave the alias “Tieres Rodriguez-Perez;” our best guess is that, it could be her stage name?
The whole weird and sudden incident has raised the interest of the Department of Homeland Security’s human trafficking division and an investigation into the student/actress disappearance has been opened after her family flew to Miami and found her stuff in the Hotel room she was staying but she was nowhere to be found.

Her family is said to be in the process of reuniting with her, after they confirmed the news of her appearance.

This afternoon detectives learned that Lafontaine-Perez was currently
incarcerated in a Miami Dade Corrections facility under the alias of Tieres

You can read the full notice of her appearance here.

On the bright side, we are happy to know she is safe sort of speak. Find her on Facebook here.