Cristina Torre- Yankee legend Joe Torre’s Daughter A Superhero



Christina or “Tina” Torre bravo!!! She is a real life hero yawl! Aside of being the daughter of former Yankee manager, Joe Torre, she will now have another title to recognize her! The 44-year-old became an instant hero today saving the life of a little boy in Bay Ridge.

This is one of those things you definitely can not prepared for, it just happens and if you are brave enough like Christina you act on them as quickly as possible. For her it was just a regular Wednesday, she got up and got ready and went off the door and was biking on her way to work when she spotted the 1-year-old boy hanging from a the awning of a frozen yogurt shop on 3rd Avenue and 92nd Street around 10:30 a.m., according to witnesses.

Torre made an amazing catch and let’s just say she was at the right time, at the right spot to catch that little guy! He felled straight into her arms! Just imagine the scene of a movie where the little mischievous toddler goes out the window dropping several feet in the air and then the actor or actress in the staring role stands on his or her mark, stretches out the arms and safely holds a fake baby! Just in this case it was a flesh and bone breathing one-year-old baby boy who allegedly slipped through a piece of cardboard placed next to an air conditioning unit in the window of the family’s second-floor home!

The daughter of Joe who played ball for more than 17 years as a catcher, first baseman and third baseman for several teams and managed the Yankees between 1996 and 2007 managed to say with a smile after the miraculous catch she was “in shock”

Cristina was born on November 21, 1968 to Joseph Paul Torre of Italian descent and his second wife Dani Torre. The couple married in 1968 but the relationship ended in divorce. They had two daughter Lauren and Tina being the youngest; she attended The Montessori Institute. Above you can see a vintage picture back from the 70’s featuring “Mets infielder Joe Torre relaxing on the beach with wife Dani and daughters Lauren and Tina, during spring training sessions in St. Petersburg, Fla.”

Well For Cristina Torre her talented father’s blood sure made a calling huh! As for the parent of the little boy she saved they were taken into custody and are facing charges that include endangering the welfare of a child and neglect.

You can find Torre on Facebook here.